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Please, please help me.

I've got this girlfriend yeah. Love her wif all me heart. But another girl wants me aswell. I don't like this other girl, never have. But for some reason she won't take no for an answer. Keeps on lieing to me about my girlfriend, and lieing to my girlfriend about me. Saying stuff like im F***ing people in the a**. Any advice on what to do? If so, please do this poll and/or leave a message. Cheers.

This girl won't leave my life. What do I do?

11% (12) Mess with her.
31% (33) Continually tell her I don't like her.
10% (11) Send her pics of me and me real girlfriend.
5% (6) Tell her I've heard she's cheating on me.
14% (15) Ask her what I actually mean to her.
7% (8) Tell her she deserves better than me.
19% (20) Say I'm not the guy that'd die for her and more.

105 voters have answered this question.

My girl lives an hours flight away from me. So I can't buy her anything. Any advice on how to make her feel loved? (if yes, post it in the message thing?

37% (18) Yes.
62% (30) No.

48 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2005-07-24 01:55:19 by soulstealer
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