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GIRLS: Unusual pee places!

OK, just wondering where all us girls here have peed, and how we do!
Are you male or female?
Male (this poll is for females ONLY, please leave)
What is your age?
Below 12
30 and above
How often do you pee outdoors?
Once or twice a week
Once or twice a month
Once or twice in every six months
Once or twice a year
Less than once a year
What ways do you pee outdoors?
Sitting directly on ground
During a long car journey, what places do you pee?
In a bottle INSIDE the car
In a bottle OUTSIDE the car
Next to the car at the roadside with the door open
At the roadside in full view
In a ditch
Between parked cars
In the bushes
When walking in the forest, what places do you pee?
Stop right where you are and pee in full view
Sit on a log and pee over the other side
Climb up a tree and pee from there
Squat resting against a tree
In the bushes
You are in busy town center and need to pee. If you could not find a normal bathroom, where would you go?
In the street in full view
In an alley
In the gutter
Between/behind parked cars
In a fountain/water feature
You are on the beach and need to pee, do you:
Go in the sea/lake
Go into the dunes/long grass
Go secretly where you are, i.e. by moving your bikini crotch to the side
Go openly where you are, i.e. pulling your bikini down and standing/squatting
You are at an open air music concert with disgusting porta-potties. Do you:
Just put up with it and use a porta-potty
Pee by a perimeter fence etc
Pee in a bottle
OK, so far we have only talked about "what would you do if..." situations. Now, only check the boxes if you have ever gone in these places:
On a beach (on the sand)
On a beach (in the dunes/long grass)
In the sea
In a swimming pool
In the forest
In a busy street
In a quiet street
In an alley
In someone else's yard
In a parking lot/car park
In a parking garage
In a club on the dance floor
In a club on a seat
At the side of a road in full view
At the side of a road in the bushes
Next to a car with the door open
At a music festival in full view
In my own yard
When do you pee outdoors?
Only when there is no other choice
When I need to go, but could probably wait a bit longer
As soon as I feel I can pee
I try to pee outdoors even if I don't need to go
How much do you undress when you pee outdoors whilst wearing pants?
I pull my pants and panties down only as far necessary
I pull my pants and panties down to my ankles
I take my shoes off when I pee
I take my shoes and socks off when I pee
I take everything from my waist down off
I take absolutely everything I'm wearing off
How much do you undress when you pee outdoors whilst wearing a skirt?
I lift my skirt and lower my panties as little as possible
I lift my skirt and lower my panties to my ankles
I lift my skirt and take my panties off
I take my shoes off when I pee
I take my shoes and socks off when I pee
I take off everything below my waist
I take off absolutely everything I'm wearing
Do you ever splash your feet when you pee outdoors?
No, never at all
Yes, all the time
Yes, but I only notice it when I am wearing sandals
What were your parent's views on you peeing outside?
They never let me do it
They let me do it only to avoid an accident
They discouraged me to do it
They didn't mind
They encouraged me to do it
They made me do it
Do you like peeing outside?
Yes, I love it
I don't mind
I only do it to avoid an accident
I hate it
Thank you for completing this poll! Please tell your girlfriends about it too. A lot of the questions have 'Other' as an answer - please explain more in the messages part!
Yes, I've got something to share
No, I really don't want to
One last question! Where are you from?
South America
Other European Country
Australia/New Zealand
This poll was created on 2004-12-10 23:52:41 by surfer123