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Britney is the world's hated celeb

proof she is hated ALOT. No exaggerations.
Britney Spears has more hate websites than Saddam Hussein. The 23-year-old singer has spawned 2,000 "I Hate Britney" websites, according to a survey on the Google website. Saddam has 744 hate sites and 322 fan sites. David Poland, editor of the moviecitynews.com website, said: "Britney went from being a hip young thing to someone who wants to be slutty but can't quite pull the trigger. "When people think that you've misled them about what you really are, that's when the backlash really starts. The internet tends to be ahead on the negatives." The survey hasn't said how many fan sites the singer has, but says her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake has 686 fan sites. He also has 206 hate sites. "Britney has more hate sites more than any other celeb, dubbing the honor of being the world's hated celebrity." Said Poland. What do ya think about this?
HA!!!! Britney deserves it
I'm not surprised... everyone knows britney sucks
poor brit
wateva i dont care
Why do you think she is hated alot?
she is very slutty
she has NO talent
she portrays very bad images, ie smoking, drinking
she headlines the news for all the wrong reasons
she is a fraud
she went from NICE to SLUTTY
she doesnt care about her fans below 18
she doesnt have any talent and is a disgrace to singers who HAVE talent
This poll was created on 2004-12-05 07:36:29 by Sunsets_In_Cali