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Sex Offender Poll

The current sex offender laws cover a broad range of people. Did you know the majority of sex offenders are non-violent and low risk? Some of these "dangerous predators" are people who download a file or two on the Net, sunbathe in the nude, have consensual sex with a teenager or even say a profane word in front of a child! Megan's Law is very far-reaching. Factually, high-risk sex offenders (Tier Level 3) only amount to about 6% of all who are convicted. Yet many offenders must register with the police for life and have their names and photos posted on websites. This subjects the offender and his/her family to harassment and violence by a misinformed community. This includes the children of former sex offenders! Plus, these offenders cannot find a decent job or a home because many discrimminate against them even if they're low-risk! Yes, these people have made a mistake in life, but does that mean they should be eternally condemned for downloading a file or swearing? Currently, the law says yes. SOhopeful.org and other groups are fighting to change the sweeping legislation known as Megan's Law so only people who are actually dangerous are covered by it. This will allow law-enforcement to focus on the true sexual predators better, while the other offenders and their families can move on with their lives! For additional info, please visit www.sohopeful.org
Should low-risk sex offenders have their personal information made public for life?
NO! It's counter-productive.
YES! I believe in trashing human rights.
UNSURE - I need more information to decide.
Do you believe all sex offenders are dangerous people?
NO! Only those who have harmed someone are.
YES! Let all of them burn at the stake.
UNSURE - I need additional information.
This poll was created on 2004-11-14 02:21:30 by FirstZombi