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Religion In Public Schools

Do you believe Religion has a place in Public Schools? And if so, how?
Do you believe that Prayers should be conducted in Public Schools?
Under certain circumstances Yes
If you answered No, please do not continue this survey, we want to see how people who do believe in Prayer in the Schools feel. Thank you.
I will continue
I will not continue
What prayers do you think should be included at a public school like one your children might attend? (Multliple answers OK)
Baptist Prayers
Roman Catholic Prayers
Lutheran Prayers
Jewish Prayers
Moslem Prayers
Bhuddist Prayers
Greek or Russian Orthodox Prayers
Episcopalian Prayers
Unitarian Prayers
Hindu Prayers
Methodist Prayers
Congregationalist Prayers
Holy Rollers Prayers
Non-Sectarian Prayers
Other types of Prayers
How much would you object if a teacher attempted to indoctrinate your child in a religion that you do not believe in?
I would not care at all
It would cause me a little concern
I would be angry
I would take my child out of that class
How qualified do you believe a teacher specializing in a subject such as geometry or home economics is to teach your child a complicated religious doctrine such as Transubstantiation or the Holy Trinity?
I don't care how badly the teacher explains it
The teacher should be adequately trained in religion to give a good explanation in class
The teacher should stick to teaching only the subject which he is employed to teach
Only special religion classes should be allowed to teach complicated religious concepts
Complicated religious concepts should be left to the churches and not taught in public schools
Who should decide which prayers your children pray in Public Schools?
Leave it up to the teacher to preach whatever doctrine he or she wants
Prayers should be determined by bureaucrats such as school boards
Prayers should be determined by special committees
Prayers should be determined by the Federal Government
Prayers should be determined by the State Department of Education
Students should be left to pray on their own without supervision by teachers or others in authority.
If your child were required to pray in a way that you objected to, what would you do?
I don't care what prayers my child prays
I would organize with others like myself to place our own prayers in the school
I would take my child out of that school and look for one with prayers I support
I have no idea what I could do
I would want the portion of my tax money going to support public education refunded!
Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Comments are encouraged!
I will comment
No, I won't!
This poll was created on 2005-04-11 16:46:18 by zag