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Pok'emon poll 2

This poll is about the what ifs of Pokemon dominating Humans (Like the Planet of the Apes series only with Pokemon)
Do you think the world would be a better place with Pok'emon ruling it while Humans are infrior.
Yes, of course its about time someone put a stop to the evils of Humanity
Maybe there are some bad and good qualities of Pok'e domination
No, Earth is the Human's place NO POKEMON!
No, I hate Pok'emon, and I dont want things I hate to dominate me.
If Pok'emon ruled the earth, what would you hope the Pok'emon would get rid of
Organized Religion
Nuclear Weapons
Modern things (like TV, Computers, Cars, ext)
We shouldn't lose anything made from us the trainers
None, Pok'emon were made by Humans too, so if they wanna get rid of everything human they have to get rid of themselves.
What do you think will become of humans
The Pok'emon trainers become the Pok'emon trained
We are gonna be enslaved by pok'emon
We will live peacefully with eachother in a more clean and peaceful world
It wont happen
How will the pok'emon take us over?
Planet of the apes style: They start a rebellion in some shopping mall then cause a Nuclear holocaust
Humans become stupid, lazy, and ignorant and pok'emon become smarter and organized.
the pok'emon will attack us with large and modern armies
No Way they will take us over!
How do you like this poll?
It was so good they should make a movie series called "Planet of the Pok'emon"
It was just good
It was Ok
Ok...you need psycological help
Simply Dumb
A stupid poll made by some Planet of the Apes freak
This poll was created on 2004-11-11 04:53:22 by USSA Soldier