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Morality vs Faith

Does one rely on the other...
What faith have you been taught or raised with?
Two Faith family
How much have you been taught about others by your family?
Nothing, I have been secluded from any other faiths.
Some, My family talks about other faiths, usually not in a very positive manner
A good amount, My family is open minded about others and wants me to know about them
A lot, my family encourages growth and acceptance
How much have you been taught by outsiders such as friends, school, and Media about faiths?
Nothing, I live a secluded life where I am only surrounded by those that believe as I have been taught.
A little, the media is a learning tool to learn about those that don't believe as I do
A good amount, I have friends of different faiths, and I have been involved with school areas that enccourgage interaction and exchanges of ideas
Do you feel faith is a taught belief?
Absolutely, there is no guesswork in my faith
Maybe, information influences the idea of faith, but doesn't mean it has to be accepted
No, it is inherant and cannot be taught. Faith is from your heart, not your mind
Do you feel that a person can be moral without have a faith?
Yes, morality has nothing to do with faith.
Maybe, it depends on waht is concidered moral
No, morality is based in faith, not someone's personal idea of right and wrong
Would you rather be involved with someone who is a good person who has no religious faith, or a bad person who has strong faith?
The good person
The bad person
Would you be comfortable with someone explaining their beliefs with your children?
Yes, I feel my child can understand
Maybe, as long as it is informative and not persuasive
No, I don't want my child exposed to others beliefs unless I am the one who explains it.
What color do you feel like today?
Red and raring to go
Blue and calm
Purple and passionate
Green and accepting
White and pure
Black and grumpy
Gray and sad
Yellow and bright
Orange and cheerful
This poll was created on 2004-11-18 17:37:13 by jemm