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Song & Movie Battle: Starring Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff

ok, you know this feud very well. And many of you prefer Hilary(including me!) so, since both of these two teen queens are both in the music and movie industry, who is better at their current careers?
Which is your fave hilary movie?
a cinderella story
agent cody banks
lizzie maguire movie
cheaper by the dozen
raise your voice
casper meets wendy
cadet kelly
the soul collector
fave lindsay movie?
the parent trap
freaky friday
confessions of a teenage drama queen
mean girls
get a clue
life size
Lindsay will be appearing in quite a number of films coming soon, compared to hilary who has only one film coming out in the future(for now) do you think this is fair?
No, not fair
Yes its fair
Which song is better?
Hilary's "so yesterday"
Lindsay's "that girl"
Which movie is better?
Mean girls-lindsay
lizzie maguire movie-hilary
which song is better?
lindsay's "i decide"
hilary's "come clean"
Which movie is better?
confessions of a teenage drama queen-linds
a cinderella story-hil
which song is better?
Lindsay's "rumors"
hilary's "fly"
which movie is better?
cheaper by the dozen-duff
freaky friday-lohan
which movie is better?
lindsay's the parent trap
hilary's casper meets wendy
Mary-Kate & Ashley are good friends with Hilary. What do you think about it?
Really? cool! Im happy for all 3 of them
who cares?!
what?! i cant believe they are friends!
oh ok
its better if Mary-Kate & Ashley were firends with Lindsay
So, are the olsen twins better than Hilary & Lindsay put together?
NO WAY!!! Hil and Linds rock!
YES!! The olsen twins rock!
The olsens & Hilary will beat Linds
the olsens & Lindsay will beat hil
This poll was created on 2004-11-10 06:20:10 by Sunsets_In_Cali