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Why do people hate america?

I couldnt really care about what America gets up 2 but what do you think of the land of the free and brave? Umm if u hav any messages 4 me other than the way i spell please feel free 2 write 2 ur hearts content i will try reply asap so come bak l8rs and c wat i hav wrote.
Do you like the United States Of America?
What is your conception of the USA?
They are oil greedy &*%*%(
Honourable tryin 2 liberate countrys with tyrant dictators which ironically America tried 2 keep in power.
Kinda gullable 4 falling in 2 Osamas little trap which has lead Muslims 2 believe that the US is on a crusade against Islam.
Just doin there part 2 keep world peace
Do you believe America should have gone 2 war with Iraq?
Who do u think is next on Americas hitlist?
Korea (North)
Saudi Arabia
France (For pissing the coalition off)
Palistine (Well lets face its either Israel or Palistine has 2 be bombed 4 peace in the middle east and there are more American Jews than American Arabs so sorry Palestine ur aint gettin help from the US)
Vietnam ( Maybe????)
Who do u think has had the most violent empire?
Romans (Paticularly brutal burning Carthage 2 the ground and salting the land so no1 could liv there)
British (Many people think it was the Germans who invented the concentration camp but it was actually us the British cough!!! Shhhhh dont tell any1)
France (Not vry nice killin heaps of Natives within there empire)
America (Invading and placing dictators in many countries which had exsisting democracys)
Spanish (I think they wiped out the Aztecs kinda unfair they had guns and the Aztecs had axes and swords)
Other (There r plenty others i just cant think of any at the moment)
Micahel Moore is vry open about his dislike of how is country is run and at first i thought he was a nut. But after deciding that i should read his books b4 i decided that i found that he made alot of sense and has pulled the blanket over off my head now i can c wat is really going on. I think we should follow his example i mean we do liv in a democracy we should be able 2 express our thoughts and opinions. Do u like Michael Moore?
Yes (He is gr8 and i believe he has similar opinions as i)
No (He is a unpatriotic communist who h8s republicans and america)
Which films hav u seen of Michael Moores?
Farenheit 9/11
Bowling 4 Columbine
Ok u probably guessed im not American lol but can u guess wat country i am from?
United Kingdom (Americas Best Buddy)
Australia (Americas second best buddy)
New Zealand (Americas aquaintance who hav fallen out over this nuclear thing)
Canada (Friendly neigbours from the north)
France (Ungrateful sons of a bitches who helped them out in WW2? Thats rite show america sum respect)
How was this poll?
Absolutely Super!!!!
Ummmmm Ok killed 5 mins of my crap exsistance
Boring Yawn
I want u 2 die and never make another poll again cause this suked so bad
This poll was created on 2004-11-03 02:25:45 by Wicked Pom