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Is Driving Downtown a Conspiracy

Is Driving Downtown a Conspiracy to kill Pedestrians? Why does driving down the street pair one care against another, head on? This is a DRIVNG conspiracy poll…
Why do you think we put two cars on their paths down the road facing each other, with usually just a yellow line painted between them with the idea not to cross it?
We're crazy!
We're cheap, and didn't want to alot the funds to build a wall, or plant trees, or bushes
We like head on collisions, like on ER
I never thought about how stupid this was until now...
Why do schools have normal streets in front of them, rather than a huge lawn of protection from cars? And why don't downtown areas not have cars, even if for only a few blocks? The traffic is always stupid to deal with, anyway. And there are more of us born everyday. So how come there aren't 'Traffic-free Zones'?
I don't know! Why aren't there?!
Everyone is lazy, they're hoping to drive up the front door if they can...
Time for a downtown re-structure!
This poll was created on 2004-10-26 20:39:11 by Recycled/Reused/Better Old/Not New