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What do guys want in a girl?

Ok, i did the poll for what girls want in us. Let me flip it around. Well guys (and girls who want to know) let's tell them what we want to see.
Ok, guys in this line, girls in the other... this quiz ain't co-ed!
Girl (Ok, head round back and check the results)
While on the topic, what would you rather a girl call you.
Other (Hmmm...)
Ok, here we go. What is the first thing that you aim for in a girl?
Style (How she dresses, music trends, etc.)
Butt and/or boobs
Which of the following would you prefer a girl not to have?
Nerdiness (Focused on less popular subjects)
Geekiness (Focused on computers, homework, etc.)
Bad Looks
Bad Sense of Style
Health Problems
Which of those is the number one killer in your search for a girl.
Nerdiness (Focused on less popular subjects)Geekiness (Focused on computers, homework, etc.)Bad Looks
Bad Sense of Style
Health Problems
Does popularity directly effect who you go out with?
Of course!
Most of the time.
It doesn't really matter.
Do you prefer longer or shorter relationships?
Usually longer.
Usually shorter.
I base on how the relationship is going.
I let the girl decide.
However long it needs to be.
What do you want in a girl for a short-term relationship?
Good looks.
Good money.
Good feeling. (The lovey dovey feelings)
Good actions. (The touchy feely feelings)
Good grades.
Just playin GOOD!!!
What do you want in a guy for a long-term relationship? (4 months or more)
She has to look good.
She's got to give kissing and makeout sessions regularly
She's got to be comfortable with my personal life.
We've got to be able to hang out often.
We've got to be happy together.
Who should ask who to go out?
The guy asks the girl.
The girl asks the guy.
It doesn't matter.
Who should control the relationship?
The guy!
The girl.
Doesn't matter.
You would break off the relationship if.
Things didn't feel right.
Things weren't going your way.
Things were getting out of control.
You two couldn't see each other often.
She lied to you (Not a big lie).
She cheated.
You got tired of her.
She wasn't giving any.
What's love to you?
A bigger feeling than anything else. Very special.
What you say to your girlfriend.
A common bond.
The actions in a relationship.
A word.
Is love what you want in the relationship?
Oh yes!
Ok, that was a bit too mushy. Let's try something more... masculan. I'll throw some situations out and you guys pick your favorite answer. Got it?
What kinda half-ass question is this?!? YES!
Was this question really nescesary?
Thinking to self (This guy's a wuss with all these mushy questions... maybe he's gay... ewww!)
*The current poll taker just took a potty break.*
Hurry bastard! I got better things to do!
Ok, so your wandering around town and spot out this girl. And then you see it... or them I should say. Humungoid boobs! They're gynormous! But wait... You have a girlfirend, and she would be less than happy to catch you checking her out. What do you do?
Walk up to her and ask if you can touch them.
Walk up to her and touch them regardless.
Greet her and start a congresation.
Greet her and start a congresation and leave with her number.
Stare at her until she sees you, then try talking to her.
Gaze at the melons until she wanders off.
Give a few glances and continue.
Try not to look for your girlfriend.
Don't look at all.
You're and your girlfriend went to a party together. When it gets later, everyone decides to play truth or dare. When it's your turn, you say dare. They dare you to make out with another girl, namely your girl's best friend! What happens?
I go into it and slober on like there's no tomorow. It's just a game, right?
I just kiss her, don't want to make my girl mad, but I want to play.
I'll give her a peck on the cheek and say I couldn't betray my girl like that.
Make out! Screw that! I wouldn't do the dare! (Do next question)
For those who didn't do the dare, the group goes crazy. Since you didn't do that, you have to do what they say or they'll make you do it. They want you to strip butt naked and do jumping jacks infront of them, then stay naked until the games over. How about now?
Jumping Jacks! Naked! Girlfriend watching! Screw this, where's that girl!
Kiss the girl and apologize. It might suck for her but I care to stay in my clothes.
Don't kiss and do what I'm told... CRAP!
Don't kiss and don't strip, I'm runnin for dear life! (You soon get caught and tied to a chair naked)
Ok, same party, and after truth or dare everyone's just hanging out. You spot this girl who's been checking you out the whole night. You talk to her and she just busts out and starts making out with you. Your girlfriend catches you and walks off angry. You...
Go to her imediately and tell her what happened, and she can believe you.
Go to her imediately and tell her what happened, but she won't beleive you.
Tell her what happened later after she cools down.
Don't say anything as payback for something.
Don't say anything just to see what happens.
Well, whatever you did after you made out with the random girl, you just sit back and chill. A little later, you need to pee, so you ask where the bathroom is. You get your directions mixed up and end up in a bedroom to find your girlfriend, making out with some guy. This some guy is her ex. You...
Kill them both!
Kill him! Dump her!
Forgive her. You did two crazy things tonight.
Just walk away from everything... not worth your time.
What do you expect on a first date?
Arm over your shoulder.
Peck on cheek.
Do you seem to focus on sex?
Hell ya! I know how to get it down.
Yeah. What can I say. I'm a pervert.
I try not to, but i slip once in a while.
I don't think i focus on sex.
Who? Me? No way!
Whew... finally. The end. Now, before you go, how old are you (Don't vote girls! You shouldn't be voting anyways!)
Less than 11
One last thing! Are you going to leave some advice or other crap in the talk about thing?
Of course. Why not.
No problem.
I still say this guys gay but whatever.
This poll sucked! Screw that!
This poll was created on 2004-10-17 21:55:41 by foxtrot8