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Jewish Conspiricy

Do you believe in the Jewish conspiricy theory?
What religion do you belong to?
Do you believe in a Jewish/Zionist conspiricy?
Dont know
Do you believe the US supports Israel over Palestine?
Of course!
Yes, but not too much.
America is impartial
The US supports Palestine
Of course, statistics do show that the US supports Israel, but why do you think that they do?
Pity for the holocaust
Because the Palestinians are all terrorists
Because America is controlled by a Jewish lobby
Because they need a puppet in the mid-east
Because they just plain hate Arabs/Muslims
Because Israel is more capitalistic than the Arabs
The American media supports them
Americans can sympathize with Israel
The Americans have nothing better to do
Do you believe the media is contolled by the Jews?
Yes, and they use their power to further zionism
Yes, but thats beside the point
No, but most media is pro-Jewish anyways
No, white christians run the media
No, the media is Anti-Jewish
I dont know
What do you believe the goal of the Jewish conspiricy is?
To promote Jewish supremacy around the world
To eventually enslave all non Jews
To secure the Israeli state
To secure survival for the Jewish people
To preserve and promote Jewish culture and religion
To subdue Arabs who resiste Israel
To destroy all the enemies of the Jews
Pah, dont be silly, there is no conspiricy.
How much power does the Jewish lobby have?
They control the world
They control the Western world
They control the United States
They influence western support for Israel
They promote anti-Arabic feelings
They have little power, outside the buisiness's they run
There is no Jewish lobby or conspiricy
How many Jews does the conspiricy involve?
All, regardless of class, nationality, or ferverence towards Judaism
Only the social elite of Jews
Only the Israeli Jews
Only the fanatically religious Jews
A small minority of radical Jews
None, its all a paranoid myth
What do you think most Jews think of the Jewish conspiricy theory?
They are all a part of it
They believe in it, and sympathize with it
They believe in it, and oppose it
They don't believe in it, but understand why some people might
They dont believe in it, and take offence to the very idea
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