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What kinds of habitual behavior affect your life, and what do you do about it?
Do yuou smoke?
No, never did.
Yes, and I'm OK with it.
Yes, but I want to quit.
Yes, and I'm really trying to quit.
I've tried to quit, but couldn't.
I used to but I've successfully quit.
Do you drink?
No, never did.
Yes, a little, and I'm OK with it.
Yes, a lot, and I'm OK with it.
Yes, too much and I want to quit.
Yes, too much, and I've tried to quit, but can't
I used to, but I've successfully quit.
Do you gamble? (Includes lottery tickets, casino gambling, sports wagering, cards for money with friends---everything)
No, I rarely/never wager money on anything.
Yes, I gamble at least every month, and can afford the losses.
Yes, I gamble frequently/reguarly, but can afford the loss.
Yes, I gamble with heavy financial consequences.
I used to but I gave it up.
Do you think you're addicted to sex?
Sometimes I wonder.
Do you use recreational soft drugs, like marijuana?
No, never tried it.
Tried it, but did not continue.
Occasionally, but I can do without it.
Yes, regularly, and I'm OK with it.
Yes, regularly, and I want to quit or cut back.
Yes, and it's a serious problem for me.
Have you ever used any hard drugs?
No, never.
Yes, I'm addicted.
I used to, but am no longer addicted.
I use them but I'm not addicted.
I'm frugal enough that I have no debt.
I live minimally and save much of my earnings.
I'm a sucker for the impulse buy.
I'm addicted to shopping and I'm seriously in debt.
I'm considering bankruptcy.
I've already had a bankruptcy.
I drink coffee or cola less than daily.
I drink coffee and/or cola about one serving a day.
I drink several a day, and don't think its a problem.
I notice the buzz or the withdrawal urge, but intend to live with it.
I have to cut it out, its affecting my health/life.
I used to drink a lot of caffeine, but I cut back or quit.
Pharmaceuticals. (Prescription or Over-the-counter drugs, except those you take for life-thratening condition)
I rarely take any Rx or OTC drugs.
I take Rx drugs that I can probably do without.
I frequently take OTC drugs for trivial ailments.
I obtain Rx drugs illegally because I think my condition reqiures them.
I think I'm addicted to some OTC medications.
The Internet.
I log on more than twice a day for personal reasons.
I log on once or twice a day.
I log on almost daily.
I log on several times a week.
I log on once or twice a week.
I log on less than weekly.
Religion, and prayer or other formal exercise of devotion.
I am almost continuously conscious of religion in my life.
I pray several times a day.
I pray every day as a formal exercise.
I pray when I feel a strong need to, but not daily.
I pray only rarely, under unusuall circumstances.
I have a religious faith, but do not pray.
I have no religious faith.
Prayer is not an addiction. I could quit and it wouldn't bother me.
This poll was created on 2004-10-22 19:23:00 by jtur88