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what do you think of skinny guys?

this is to find out girl's opinions on guys who are very skinny and weak
What body type do you prefer in a guy?
Very fat
Largely muscled
Medium build
Medium build with muscles
Extremely skinny
How sexually attracted are you to an extremely skinny guy?
Very much
A little bit
Not at all
They're disgusting
How would you feel about going out with a guy who was much skinnier and weaker than you, and weighed less?
That's great. I like 'em skinny
It's ok. It doesn't bother me.
I would feel uncomfortable looking bigger than him
It would embarrass me being seen with a toothpick
It would disgust me to look at him
Have you ever been asked out by a guy who was skinnier and/or weighed less than you?
Yes, and i accepted happily
Yes, and I went, but felt weird
Yes, and I turned him down
No, but it would be ok
No, thank God
Have you ever had a test of strength (wrestling, armwrestling, weight lifting) with a guy who was extremely skinny?
Yes--weight lifting
If you have taken on a skinny guy in a test of strength, what was the result?
I won easily. He was a puny weakling.
I won, but it was competitive
I won barely
He won barely
He won, but it was competitive
He won easily. I was surprised he was that strong
If you won, what followed?
I teased him about what a scrawny wimp he was
I didn't want to embarrass him, so I said nothing
I apologized for beating him
I lied and told him I just got lucky
Would any of the following apply to you about possibly being with a really skinny guy?
I'd be heavier than him and would feel fat
I'd feel weird about having bigger arms than him
I couldn't feel safe in his skinny arms
I wouldn't feel like he could protect me
I think my friends would laugh or make fun of him
I wouldn't want to be with a guy weaker than I am
He couldn't compete with my friend's boyfriends
I couldn't borrow his clothes. They'd be too small
Would you have any reservations about having sex with a really skinny guy?
Yes, definitely several
Yes, a few
Not that I can think of
If yes, what might be some of the concerns and reservations?
I like to get rough and he couldn't handle me
I like to be overpowered and he couldn't do it
He'd be too frail and weak to do certain positions
I'd be afraid of breaking him in half
I would question his stamina
A puny guy means a puny penis
Seeing a body that skeletal would turn me off
Have you ever known a really skinny and made fun of him or picked on him?
Yes, when I was a kid only
Yes, since childhood. It's funny to do
Yes, but I feel bad now and wouldn't do it again
No, I never knew a guy like that
No, I knew a guy like that but wouldn't tease him
No, I actually stood up for him, the poor guy
If you have teased a really skinny guy before, what were some of the names you called him?
String Bean
Stick Boy
This poll was created on 2004-09-28 21:54:11 by smallalan