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What do girls want in a guy?

Ok, coming from a guy, let me serve it to the girls blunt. Us guys are idiots, plain and simple. We could use a pointer here and there. Well, girls, (and those guys who need advice) tell us what you want in us.
Ok, girls in this line, guys in the other... this quiz ain't co-ed!
Guy (Ok, head round back and check the results)
While on the topic, what would you rather a guy call you.
Other... (Hmmm...)
Ok, here we go. What is the first thing that you aim for in a guy?
Style (How he dresses, music trends, etc.)
Which of the following would you prefer a guy not to have?
Nerdiness (Focused on less popular subjects)
Geekiness (Focused on computers, homework, etc.)
Bad Looks
Bad Sense of Style
Health Problems
Which of those is the number one killer in your search through guys?
Nerdiness (Focused on less popular subjects)
Geekiness (Focused on computers, homework, etc.)
Bad Looks
Bad Sense of Style
Health Problems
Does popularity directly effect who you go out with?
Of course! Duh!
Most of the time.
It doesn't really matter.
Do you prefer longer or shorter relationships?
Usually longer.
Usually shorter.
I base on how the relationship is going.
I let the guy decide.
However long it needs to be.
What do you want in a guy for a short-term relationship?
Good looks.
Good money.
Good feeling.
Good way of treating me.
Good grades.
Just playin GOOD!!!
What do you want in a guy for a long-term relationship? (3 months or more)
He has to look good.
He's got to treat me right.
He's got to be comfortable with my personal life.
We've got to be able to hang out often.
We've got to be happy together.
Who should ask who to go out?
The guy asks the girl.
The girls asks the guy.
It doesn't matter.
Who should control the relationship?
The guy.
The girl.
I doesn't matter.
You would break off the relationship if.
Things didn't feel right.
Things weren't going your way.
Things were getting out of control.
You two couldn't see each other often.
He lied to you (Not a big lie).
He cheated.
You got tired of him.
What's love to you?
A bigger feeling than anything else. Very special.
What you say to your boyfriend.
A common bond.
The actions in a relationship.
A word.
Is love what you want in the relationship?
Ok... less serious. I give you a situation, and you answer it with the best answer listed... Ready?
What kind of half-ass question is this?!?! Yes!
Was this question really nescesary?
This long quiz is making me hungry.
*The current poll taker just took a potty break.*
Hurry idiot! I got better things to do!
A guy you haven't seen in a LONG time that you were best friends with comes up to talk to you. After a few minutes, your boyfriend sees you and thinks you were flirting with another guy. What do you do?
Explain the situation, he'll understand.
Just say, "Don't worry about it..."
Make some jokes about it and take it off his mind.
Mention a few things and drift to a diffrent topic.
Remind him of something stupid he may have done to you.
Lie about it, for whatever reason.
Slap him upside the head for being so stupid!
You started an aurgument with your boyfriend. It was in something you would start an aurgument for. You aurgued for along time until he got mad and left wherever you were. You would...
Apologize for making him mad as soon as possible.
Just apologize to him, I mean he's just a guy...
Half apologize, don't want to be sorry for standing up for yourself.
Don't apologize. He'll be fine.
Why apologize?! He's the one that got all hissy and walked off.
Never apologize! If he doesn't like what I do, it's over.
Ok, same situation in reverse; he started the fight with you, and you walk off. He better...
Call right away if he wants any chance at forgivness!
Apologize soon! He mad me mad!
He can take his time. I'll forgive him. It's my fault.
He shouldn't have made me mad in any scenario!
Your boyfriend cheated on you. But he had enough sense to tell you before you found out yourself. What would you do?
I'll kill him! Why would he cheat on me, ever!!!
I'll kill her and break up with him!
I'll kill them both... eventually...
I'll just break up with him.
I'll won't forgive him, but I won't drop him.
I'll forgive him, but i'll still be mad.
He apologized and i still like him... it's the best he could do.
What do expect for a typical first date? (Example: Movies, dinner, etc.)
Arm over your shoulder.
Peck on cheek.
Do you think most guys are focused on sex?
Duh! Don't they think about it, like, every 10 seconds.
That's what they usually seem to aim for.
They don't always seem like it to me.
I'm not really sure.
Whew... finally. The end. Now, before you go, how old are you (Don't vote guys! You shouldn't be voting anyways!)
Less than 11
One last thing! Are you going to leave some advice or other crap in the talk about thing?
Of course. Why not.
No problem.
Hmmm... Can I try to hook up with a guy?
This poll sucked! Screw that!
This poll was created on 2004-09-17 00:25:48 by foxtrot8