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Male prison uniforms

Prisoner rights are a frequent topic of debate, and believe it or not, uniforms are one of the highest concerns. How do you think an inmate should be clothed? These are some new options to consider:
What "model" uniform do you think male prison inmates should wear?
Classic British prison uniform (tan pants, striped button-down shirt)
Modern British prison uniform (regular quality blue jeans, striped button down shirt)
Classic American prison uniform (poor quality blue jeans, light blue denim button down shirt)
Modern American prison uniform (any color jumpsuit)
Aside from these options, create your own prison uniform (bearing in mind what you would want to wear if you were being held). Include everything in your uniform, including undergarments and accessories as listed.
Plain white undershirt
White briefs
Running shoes
Poor quality leather shoes
Light blue denim button down shirt
Striped button down shirt
Poor quality blue jeans
Regular quality blue jeans
Tan (khaki material) pants
If a prisoner is found with a dirty uniform (for various reasons, including personal acts of impurity), what should to action taken by guards be?
Prisoner should remain in clothing for a week without laundry
Prisoner should have clothes changed and be bathed
Prisoner should be placed in solitary confinement
Prisoner should be put in heavy labor
Sometimes prisoners can get overly attached to the inside life. Should they be allowed to keep their uniform after discharge?
Upon discharge, should the inmate be given back his old clothing or required to participate in a civilian uniform?
Yes, he should get his old clothing back
No, he should have to wear a civilian uniform for a probationary period
What should the civilian uniform consist of?
Denim clothing
Blue jeans and a white button down shirt
A uniform shirt and tie
Public school janitor's uniform
This poll was created on 2004-09-16 04:30:13 by BrentK