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Who is the Scariest Celebrity?

I was inspired by a message on my message area of Who is the Scariest Television Character poll to create a poll of real people that are freaky!
Why is George W. Bush scary? (sorry you can pick only one!)
He has improper grammer-yet graduated from yale
He looks just like his father!
He He is republican-what else need there be?
Hey-stop dissing Bush!
Why is Paris Hilton scary?
No one should show that much skin
She is only famous because she is rich
She isn't even that pretty,yet gets on many magazine covers
she is my idol, leave her alone!
Why is Nick Lachey Scary?
He married Jessica Simpson
He isn't scary, his wife is!
He is in a boy band, even though boy bands are so 1998
There are too many shirtless pictures of him! Yuck!
He is on a reality show that allows people to see his personal life
He is my man! don't mess with him!
oK, an unrelated Question: Why to you like Blondie?
Blondie has catchy lyrics:The tide is high...
I don't Like Blondie, I like Debbie Harry!
Debbie is my role model, I even have flourecent hair to prove it!
Who? Sorry I was born after the 80's/ don't listen to good music
This poll was created on 2004-09-12 14:05:24 by blondie_fan