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12-year-old sex: Who's to blame?

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A few months ago, a judge freed an 18-year-old boy charged with having sex with an under aged child because the 12-year-old girl agreed to have sex with him in her bedroom.

The judge said that sex between the two was girl's fault.

What do you think?

Who, if anyone, is most to blame for the 12-year-old girl agreeing to have sex with 18-year-old boy?

17% (67) It was mostly the boy’s fault.
1% (6) It was mostly the boy’s parents' fault.
8% (32) It was mostly the girl's fault
5% (21) It was mostly the girl's parents' fault.
60% (225) No one is to blame since there is nothing wrong with consentual sex.
6% (24) Society is to blame.

375 voters have answered this question.

The age at which a child should be able to consent to sex is:

7% (28) 1
0% (2) 2
1% (4) 3
2% (9) 4
6% (25) 5
1% (6) 6
3% (14) 7
5% (22) 8
3% (14) 9
12% (49) 10
4% (18) 11
11% (42) 12
8% (31) 13
5% (22) 14
5% (20) 15
10% (38) 16
0% (2) 17
8% (33) 18

379 voters have answered this question.

A long time ago, a nationally syndicated newspaper advice columnist received a letter from a 12-year-old girl. The girl complained that her mother would not let her go steady with a boy.

Newspapers around the country printed the advice columnist's brief response saying that the girl's mother should spank her until she understood "no" for an answer. Are the advice columnist's ideas valid today?

68% (251) No, 12-year-old girls are old enough to make their own choices and mothers have no right to interfere.
31% (114) Yes, mothers should keep 12-year-old girls away from situations that could lead to early sexual experimentation even if they have to spank them to do it.

365 voters have answered this question.

How much damage did the judge do in this case?

70% (251) Not much since no real harm was done?
29% (103) A lot since it is now okay for older boys and men to take advantage of young girls.

354 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2004-09-08 22:10:59 by DoneThat
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