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There is a slowly growing movement for men to wear MUGS. A MUG is a "male Un-Bifurcated Garment" Or in other words a skirtlike garment designed for men. They are healthier for the male anatomy, more comfortable and cooler in hot weather. This is not crossdressing. MUG wearers are not into trying to look like a woman, or wearing lingerie and such. Some MUGS, currently available are Kilts and Sarongs. Women, please do not just skip over this poll, there are questions for you also.
As a male how do you feel about this?
I have no opinion
I am totally against it
I am in favor of it
If you are against it, why?
It is just another way of crossdressing
Guys just don't look right in a skirt
Men should wear trousers, not skirts
Males don't know the right way to sit when wearing a skirt, so they would be flashing everyone
Other, post in comments
If you are in favor of it, why?
Women wear trousers, why shouldn't men be able to wear skirtlike garments
They are more comfortable
They are cooler
Freedom of choice in society
Other, post in comments
Would you wear one?
I have nothing against other men wearing MUGS, but they aren't for me
I would if most other men starting wearing MUGS
I would be among the first to start wearing MUGS
I already wear MUGS
MUGS are currently rather expensive, due to present low demand. Would the cost influence your decision to wear a mug or not?
Current cost ranges from about $100 to over 700 for the finest 8 yard Kilts.How much would you pay?
Would you wear only traditional Kilts or one of the modern styles and colors made by Utilikilts. 21st Century Kilts, or Amerikilts, among others
Currently, other than the Kilt, just about the only other choice in a MUG is a Sarong. Would you wear one of these?
I'd wear either if others were doing it
I'd wear whichever I wanted
This question should probably have been one of the first, but where would you consider wearing a MUG?
Only around home
Out shopping
On a date
To school
To work
To church
On trips (driving)
On trips (public transportation)
Anywhere I'd wear trousers
Now, for the ladies, what do you think of this fashion idea?
I like it
I am against it
Ladies, if you are against the idea, why?
It's just another way of crossdressing
Men don't look good in a skirt
Men don't know how to sit or move in a skirt, without flashing eevryone
Skirts, no matter what you call them are womens clothes (remember that not very long ago, pants for women were looked upon in this way)
other, post in comments
Ladies if you are in favor of this idea, why?
Men should have the same fredom of choice in clothing as women
Men look good in kilts or other skirtlike garments
It's healthier for males
It's cooler
It's sexy
Other, post in comments
Ladies would you want your boyfriend to wear MUGS?
If no, why?
He'd look terrible in a MUG
It would be crossdressing
People would talk about him
Other, post in commennts
If yes, why?
He has great legs
He would look so sexy
I want him to do whatever he wants
Other, post in coments
Would you want your boyfriend or husband to be in the forsfront of this fashion
I would want him to wear MUGS, but not one of the first
I would want him to be among the first to wear MUGS
He already wears MUGS
Other, post in comments
This poll was created on 2004-08-31 14:03:47 by jereab