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Coolest Person On Earth

Vote for the person who you think is coolest out of these (You can select as many as you want). All these people are famouse people from different buisnesses (actors, sport stars, comedians, etc.) Please vote for the coolest person on earth here. These are my favorite people on earth and I think all of them are really cool...
Who do you think is the coolest person on on earth?
Dave Mirra (freestyle bmx biker)
Tom Green (comedian, actor)
Al Pacino (actor)
The Last Emperor (rapper)
David Blaine (magician)
Clint Eastwood (actor)
Bob Haro (retired freesatyle bmx biker)
Robert DeNiro (actor)
Slug "from Atmosphere" (rapper from rap group)
Scarface (rapper)
Eyedea (rapper)
Donovan McNabb (football player on The Eagles)
Chad Degroot (freestyle bmx biker)
Rodney Mullen (skateboarder)
Mat Hoffman (freestyle bmx biker)
Hilary Duff (actor, singer)
Ruben Alcantara (freestyle bmx biker)
Bob Burnquist (skateboarder)
Travis Pastrana (Freestyle MX dirt motorcyclist)
Marlon Brando (actor)
TJ Lavin (freestyle bmx biker)
Jay Miron (freestyle bmx biker)
Jamie Bestwick (freestyle bmx biker)
Onry Ozzborn (rapper)
Steve McNair (football player on The Titans)
Allen Iverson (basketball player on the Sixers)
Andy Dick (comedian, actor)
Allan Cooke (freestyle bmx biker)
Bam Margera (skateboarder, star of Viva La Bam)
Chuck Corotheres (Freestyle MX dirt motorcyclist)
Guru "from Gang Starr" (rapper from rap group)
Stacey Mulligan (female freestyle bmx biker)
Wierd Al (comedian)
This poll was created on 2004-08-31 06:24:58 by mirracle74