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Are vegans weird?

Vegans and non-vegans alike are welcome to take the poll. I'm aware that the majority of the public views vegans as freakish, but I'm not sure they know what veganism is about. (I didn't!) Anyway, have fun. Or, you know, don't.
What are your eating habits like?
Vegan; I avoid all animal products including honey, dairy, eggs, leather, fur...
Lacto-vegetarian; I consume dairy but not eggs.
Ovo-vegetarian: I consume eggs but not dairy.
Ovo-lacto vegetarian; I don't eat meat (including fish) but I do eat dairy/eggs.
Pescatarian; I eat fish but no other types of meat.(Categorized with omnivores.)
Omnivore; I eat anything.
Omnivore; I only eat that which comes from well-researched, organic farms.
Carnivore; I'm a shark.
VEGANS: Why are you a vegan? (Choose as many are applicable)
ETHICS: it is wrong to take anything from an animal even if it's treated well..
ETHICS: there is nothing wrong with eggs and dairy, but factory farms are cruel. Continuing to purchase animal byproducts from them is just another way to support cruelty.
PERSONAL PREFERENCE: ew, eggs and milk are gross.
HEALTH: I feel healthier after cutting meat, eggs, and dairy out of my diet.
OVO VEGETARIANS: Why are you ovo vegetarian?
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat. It is wrong to take milk from cows, but not eggs from chickens because chickens aren't smart enough to know the difference.
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat and I don't like supporting factory farms, but I can't give up eggs yet.
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat and I don't like milk. I only eat eggs from organic, cruelty-free sources.
PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Meat and milk are gross/give me health problems.
HEALTH: I feel healthier after cutting out milk and meat.
LACTO VEGETARIANS: Why are you lacto vegetarian?
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat. It is wrong to eat eggs because they could grow to be chickens, but not wrong to drink milk.
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat and I don't like supporting factory farms, but I can't give up dairy despite the fact that I know how poorly these dairy cows are treated.
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat and I don't like eggs. I only drink milk from organic, cruelty-free sources.
PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Meat and eggs are gross/give me health problems.
HEALTH: I feel healthier after cutting out eggs and meat.
OVO-LACTO VEGETARIANS: Why are you ovo-lacto vegetarian?
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat. I didn't know how poorly animals in factory farms are treated, though, and so I might consider veganism.
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat but I just haven't been able to give up dairy and eggs despite what I know about factory farms.
ETHICS: It is wrong to eat meat and I only buy dairy/eggs from organic, cruelty-free farms.
HEALTH: I feel healthier after cutting out meat!
OMNIVORES (who only patronize well-researched, organic, cruelty-free farms): Why do you eat meat?
There is nothing wrong or unnatural about eating meat so long as the animal from which it's derived is treated well.
I don't like the idea of eating meat, but I don't know where else to get certain nutrients...and I don't want to support cruel factory farms.
OMNIVORES (who eat anything): Why do you eat meat? (pick as many as you like)
God put animals on the earth for our use.
I don't believe that animals feel pain.
Animals feel pain, but I don't care.
I don't think factory farms are as terrible as studies say.
Maybe it is terrible in factory farms, but that's part of life.
I like meat and am not willing to adjust to the inconvenience and expense of organic, cruelty-free meats.
I just never thought about it before.
I want to become a vegetarian but my parents won't let me.
To those of you who don't eat meat or don't eat factory farm meat: What do you think stops the MAJORITY of people from adopting a more ethical diet?
A lack of knowledge. The slaughterhouses are good at keeping their misdeeds a secret, so most people just assume that their meat comes from Old MacDonald-type farms.
Indifference. Some people know what slaughterhouses are like but don't think it affects animals or don't care.
Priority issues. When people have trouble affording food, they don't have the chance to worry about where it comes from. The meat of abused animals is generally cheap and accessible.
Intentional ignorance. Sometimes, people know that something is wrong, but they choose to ignore it.
What is your opinion of PETA?
Vegan--I hate PETA!
Vegan--I find PETA a little iffy.
Vegan--PETA is an embarrassment to animal rights activists, but they've done a lot to advance the movement.
Vegan--PETA is pretty good--just think of all they've done for animals!
Vegan--Hot damn, I love PETA!
Vegetarian--I hate PETA!
Vegetarian--PETA is an organization of nuts.
Vegetarian--PETA is an embarrassment to animal rights activists, but they have done a lot to advance the movement.
Oops, extra radio button.
Vegetarian--PETA rocks!
Omnivore--I hate PETA!
Omnivore--PETA is practically a terrorist organization.
Omnivore--PETA makes animal rights activists look like psychos.
Omnivore--PETA is okay with me.
Omnivore--I love PETA, even though they'd probably throw blood on me if they had a chance.
Non-vegans: How do you view vegans?
They're very devoted to their cause; that's admirable. I won't do it, though.
I'm sorry I don't have the devotion to become vegan.
Vegans are a little screwy, but as long as they don't get preachy I'm okay.
I wasn't aware that factory farmed dairy/eggs is as cruel as factory farmed meat--now I understand veganism better.
Veganism can't be healthy.
Vegans are total psychos who like to sit around and eat leaves while drooling on themselves.
Are you aware that vegans can get all the nutrients they need from plant-based foods? Please check off the facts that you weren't aware of.
A great deal of protein can be derived from nuts, soy, rice, and beans.
There is tons of iron in such foods as sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, beans, broccoli, tofu, and soybeans, among other things.
Calcium is found in sesame seeds, nuts, soybeans, tofu, and beans.
Cakes, cookies, and candy can all be made vegan without losing any of their taste. (This isn't really nutrition-related, but oh well.)
KFC was recently involved in a scandal involving PETA, wherein hidden camera videos showed slaugherhouse workers intentionally abusing chickens for entertainment. Whether or not you eat meat, most people agree that this is repugnant and if done to a pet, would warrant serious animal abuse charges. (Obviously I can't go into detail in this poll. If you're interested, more info, including videos, is at KFC charges.)Would you be willing to boycott KFC until they start treating their chickens better?
I will gladly boycott KFC.
I'll think about it.
I won't boycott KFC; I gots t'have my chicken and their incredibly irritating commercials have won my heart.
I'm vegetarian but I'll stop buying their biscuits, etc.
I'm vegan. If they have anything there for me, I won't buy it.
VEGANS: Would you say that it's hard to be a vegan?
No. I've found so many new foods that I like but wouldn't have tried otherwise.
No, not really.
Yes, it's sort of a pain.
Augh, I hate being vegan.
VEGANS: What would you say are the hardest parts about being vegan?
Explaining it to friends and family without offending them.
Explaining it to friends and family without being ridiculed.
Watching people eat meat--it's so gross!
Watching people eat meat--I miss meat!
Finding something to eat while on the road or on vacation. Would it kill restaurants to offer a vegan alternative?
Feeling helpless--sometimes it seems like people will never learn to treat animals well.
Having to give up specific products, like marshmallows. Vegan marshmallows DO exist, but they're hard to find.
Finding food period--if you're forced to resort to mainstream grocery stores, it might seem hard. (A list of popular, unintentionally vegan products can be found <a href="http://www.peta.org/accidentallyVegan/">here.)</a>
I have a lot of food allergies; if it weren't for them, veganism would be easier
To VEGANS/VEGETARIANS who feel that it is fundamentally wrong to eat meat regardless of how well the animal was treated--why do you feel this way?
I believe that eating meat is unnatural--humans are not omnivores but herbivores.
There is something wrong (spiritually or otherwise) about the idea of eating another sentient being.
Off-topic: Is the Atkins' Diet the stupidest diet in the history of humankind?
Yes, I have a functional brain and agree with you.
I don't know. It's the lazy moron's dream diet.
No. I love Atkins. The idea of a "diet" consisting entirely of fatty, cholesterol-laden foods with an almost total lack of fiber is a really good idea.
Only slightly off-topic: your age, please?
under 13
over 80
And where are you from?
Continental Europe
East Asia
South Asia
Southeast Asia
Central Asia
Central America
South America
South Pacific
Middle East
Some remote part of the world I forgot about because I'm the product of American schooling. Sorry.
What religion are you, if any?
I'm an atheist.
I'm an agnostic.
Did you like this poll?
No, I hated it. Go suck on a leaf and drool on yourself, you hippie.
I'm indifferent.
It was pretty decent.
Yes, I loved this poll more than I love my own mother.
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