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~FOR GUYS~: girls,dances and clubs

Guys, tell us what's hot at the clubs!
Is it hot when u see girls grinding with eachother at dances/clubs?
yes, it makes me want to go talk to them
no! it makes them look like lesbians
yes! it makes them look like lesbians
eww. can you say SLUT
If you want to dance with a girl at a club/dance, what do you do?
Tell one of her friends to tell her
just go right up and tell her
wait for her to ask me
get one of my friends to ask her
smile at her
dance your way thru the crowd till ur with her
What kind of grind do you like best?
u behind her, her swaying her hips in sync with you
u behind her, her moving and rolling her butt all different kinds of ways in ur crotch
her facing you, straddling one of your legs and shimmy-ing down to the floor
What would be the most likely thing you would say to a girl if you didn't want to dance with her?
"um, NOOO."
"maybe later"
"i have a girlfriend"
"i can't dance"
"hell no"
no thanks
if a girl you didn't know asked you to dance, what would be the main reason you would ACCEPT?
she's HOT
she could be hot or not, i just want some action later
i'm desperate, i'll take any girl who asks
i would never refuse ANY offer
This poll was created on 2004-08-20 21:13:09 by xenagrrrl