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Beating John McCain

Here are some of the methods our current president used to beat John McCain in the 2000 Republican Primary.
Which methods do you think George W. Bush used to beat John McCain?
Calling him gay
Saying he cheats on his wife
Calling his wife a drug addict
Calling him crazy
Playing the race card
Would you be surprised if I told you Bush used all of those methods?
Yes, I thought Bush was perfect
No, I knew he would stop at nothing
Isn't it kind of inconsisitent to say McCain is gay, but then call him so straight that he cheats on his wife?
Yes, it is very inconsistent
No, it's fine to make obsurd claims
I bet you doubted me when I said Bush called McCain's wife a drug addict didn't you?
You're right, I did not believe you
No, I believed and still do believe you
Well, George W. Bush did call McCain's wife a drug addict. In fact the Bush team didtributed a pamphlet claiming this.
I believe Brian Murphy!
I hate Brian Murphy!
Also, the Bush team played the race card. How so? They distributed pamphlets to the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, which contained a picture of McCain's adopted dark-skinned daughter from Bangladesh. Does that make Bush a racist, or just desperate to be elected?
Desperate to be elected
Along the same lines, my Republican aunt used to tell my Democratic father "You would vote for Charles Manson, if he were the Democratic Nominee!" But then again, Charles Manson was fearful of an uprising from the black population. So that would make him therefore a racist and a Republican. Am I right?
Just out of curiosity, and since we are assuming Chuck Manson is a Republican, who would you pick in the GOP Primary?
Chuck in '04!
As for Senator McCain, after all of those senseless attacks, he is still heading Bush's re-election campaign in Arizona. What does that tell you?
McCain, like Bush, is an idiot.
Republicans are dumb enough to support Bush no matter what he says.
Given what Bush said in 2000, can we believe anything he says about Kerry this year?
This poll was created on 2004-08-16 20:10:18 by Brian Murphy