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More... Fun with Conspiracies

Here are a few interesting things to ponder: What do you think?
Most people have heard of the dollar bill trick with our 'new' monopoly (pardon the pun!) money, where you fold a twenty dollar bill, and you get the twin towers burning... But did you know that if you fold the five, the ten, the twenty, the fifty, and the hundred, you get, respectively: The twin towers ($5 bill), the twin towers w/one tower on fire ($10 bill), the twin towers with both towers on fire ($20 bill), smoke coming from ground zero ($50 bill), and ground zero ($100)?
Yes, and it's totally weird!
No, I didn't know this...
No, but I'm trying it right now!
No, because of this recession, I only have ones!
In order to fold the bill to get this, take the necessary bill, and fold it in half, lengthwise, with the back side facing up, (in God we trust) then fold it in half again, with the top side showing. This will give you an line in the middle to gauge the center of the bill. Next, unfold back to the previous position, and flip, so that the written tender amount is facing up, upside down. Then take the two ends, and fold them up so that the bill sort of looks like a paper air plane. In the middle of the oval, right at the point of the "plane" will be the towers. You may need to use your creative side to see the two buildings in the center... (it will be more obvious on the larger bills) How could this have been predicted on our money so long ago?
Well, uh. Jeeze! I don't know!
There must be an explination!
The recession is too bad, and I don't have a way to try this trick.
Ok, experts on aviation say that the plane that crashed into the side of the Pentagon was too small to be one of the "highjacked" jets. They say it looks more like a commuter plane, packed with explosives. And only four frames from that scene were publicly released, so, who knows?! Then, that part of the Pentagon was under construction that day. Yet no one working construction was hurt. Even though it was a weekday...
Still no conspiracy.
Hmmmmm. Very interesting...
My favorite conspiracy of all is that in April of 2001, technology was announced that could safely auto pilot and land a hijacked plane from it's target from the ground. So what happened? Why wasn't it used? Or was it? The people with cell phones we heard that day seemed fairly calm to have used a cell phone with hijackers standing around. Maybe there were no hijackers, and the plane was overtaken by the "ground". Thoughts?
No way!
We had technology like this in planes before September?!
One of the supposed hijackers supposedly parked in long term parking, but then left his suitcase with his I.D., passport, and incriminating documents IN HIS CAR, rather than taking them onto his flight with him. How did he get on the plane without luggage or I.D.? Seems like a plant, don't you think?
Well... now that you mention it...
Word on the street says the government wants to change the draft age to include people up to 34 years of age... is the war in Iraq the next Vietnam?
Great conspiracies aren't fabricated, they're dug up! Post any thoughts in the message area... Thanks for your time!
Down with Big Brother
Down with Big Brother
Down with Big Brother
Down with Big Brother
Down with Big Brother
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