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Conservative or Liberal

There was a recent poll that had an interesting concept, I just didn't like the way it was put together. Here's my version of the poll. Each answer is labeled A or B, choose the one you most closely agree with. The more A answers, the more conservative you are. The more B answers you give, the more liberal you are.
Which of these is the best way to improve the economy?
A. Lower taxes and let people keep more of their own money
B. Raise taxes and let the government spend people's money
Former President Clinton and former National Security Advisor Berger have both been caught breaking the law. Some say they were the subject of a conspiracy. If someone does something wrong and gets caught, what best describes what happened?
A. They did something wrong and got caught
B. It was a conspiracy
If you had the power to make one of these things law in all states, which would you choose?
A. The death penalty for convicted serial killers
B. Letting a woman kill her unborn child for convenience
Which of these things do you think is a bigger threat to America?
A. Terrorism
B. Little crosses on city seals
Which of these better symbolizes the sentiment behind honor of the Oval Office?
A. Ronald Reagan wouldn't take off his jacket
B. Bill Clinton couldn't keep his pants on
The $5.7 billion in federal funds to AIDS during the Reagan administration is.... Is what?
A. More federal funds than was put toward any other disease at that time
B. Ignoring AIDS
Which of these is a better example of indecency?
A. Making jokes about female body parts to a large crowd
B. Dropping an "f-bomb" in front of a handful of co-workers
If you hear the phrase, "I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it", what more closely represents what you think?
A. That makes no sense
B. Makes perfect sense to me
Michael Moore lives in Michigan. He says he is not a registered Democrat, but in Michigan voters are not required to register with a party. While living in New York, Moore was a registered Democrat. What does this make Moore?
A. A liar and someone who twists the truth
B. A talented filmmaker
10. Do you constantly complain about the bias polls on this site, but only if they are bias toward Bush while ignoring the polls that are bias toward Kerry?
A. I don't complain about the bias polls
B. I complain about the bias polls
This poll was created on 2004-07-21 20:33:04 by James76255