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Veteran's Help

After almost 40 years of fighting the "VA" I have learned and seen a lot of Disabled Vets that have given up and quit the VA system over the years. If a Disabled Vet is fighting pain and looking for ways to fight this pain and they receive no help, or very little help from the VA. They have to look for relief in Alcohol, drugs, and other ways to fight pain, whether it's physical or mental. If a Disabled Vet in his or her pain forgets to fill out a form just right, or just spaces out for 3 months, the Disabled Vet is dropped and they have to start all over. All work done by the Vet in the past is no good to be used anymore. It all has to be new evidence, before a case can be reopened. Most Disabled Vets put everything they have on the table the first time. The VA gives a Vet at the most 90 days to respond. The VA takes years and years to respond to a Vet, or there is no response at all.
Does our Disabled Veterans need help in the rules and laws as they fight the Dept. of Veterans Affairs?(VA)
Yes, the VA needs to answer to the laws that they flagrantly break with no one to answer to.
No, Dead Veterans need no benefits,saves the USA money.
No, They make money begging on the streets.
Yes, Veterans need help as they fight the VA.
No, Many Vets have been swepted under the rug to stay.
No, Disabled Vets are wounded and no help to any one.
This poll was created on 2004-08-01 20:07:33 by BEING