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Atlantis – the lost civilization (?)

It is believed that many thousand years before Christ (before the civilizations ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Greek races) existed a great civilization, Atlantis. The place Atlantis was and the age that flourished is controversial. Other people believed that it is just a myth. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato said that Atlantis was west of the Heraklean columns (Gibraltar channel). Some priests of ancient Egypt too have spoken about the land of Atlantis as a big island. Last years, the Greek Archaeologist Marinatos after years of research said that Atlantis was the Greek island of Santorini (Thira). I created this poll to know if people believe that Atlantis existed, what they think about it and to have a discussion. –Please vote seriously-
Do you believe that the civilization of Atlantis ever existed?
Yes, of course
I don’t know
No. It is just a myth (Stop poll now please)
Where do you believe that Atlantis was?
A little west of Gibraltar
At the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
Somewhere at the Pacific Ocean
At Santorini (Thira) island in Greece
Somewhere at the east coast of America
At the Bermuda triangle
Near the coasts of Antarctica!
At the North Pole!
Somewhere at Japan or at the East Asian coast
A little south of Africa continent
South of India
At Australia
At Greenland
At the black sea
Other (Post in messages)
What was the origin of the Atlantis inhabitants in you opinion?
They were of the old American civilizations
They were Greeks
They were Egyptians
They were civilized northern Europeans
They came from Middle East
They were Africans
They were eastern Asians (Japanneese/Chineese)
They were nothing of them. They were Atlanteans!
When do you believe that the Atlantean civilization flourished?
Before 10000 B.C.
10000 B.C. – 8500 B.C.
8500 B.C. – 6000 B.C.
6000 B.C. – 4000 B.C.
4000 B.C. – 2000 B.C.
2000 B.C. – 1000 B.C.
1000 B.C. – 500 B.C.
After 500 B.C.
What happened to Atlantis?
It just abandoned
It destroyed by a physical disaster
All people killed by a plague
We can’t know!
Have you heard any myths of Atlas and his descendants (Atlanteans)?
I think I’ve heard something
Some people say that the Atlanteans had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations etc. What do you believe about that?
I’m sure they had!
We can’t know, maybe.
That’s all nonsense
This poll was created on 2004-07-01 09:59:47 by filosorosh