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Rating System used for school and work

This is a survey regarding the current way of rating/measuring abilities in school and in work.
Please indicate your age group =D
Junior College Student
University/Polytechnic/ITE Student
Secondary School Student
1. Do you think the current exam system ('N','O','A' Levels etc) are effective in measuring one’s abilities?
Not effective, contents tested in exams are irrelevant to the future requirements
Moderately effective - able to measure one’s ability in some aspects, but lacking in some others
Very effective, the results of the examination are able to predict ones' future performance
2. Which do you think should be tested in addition to what is tested currently in the exams? ('N','O','A' Levels)
Musical/Artistic Talent
Leadership Abilities/Interpersonal Skills
3. In today's society, what ability/talent do you think will give you an edge over others when applying for a job? (choose what you think is most important)
Excellent academic results (Diplomas, degrees, ('N','O','A' Lvl results)
Good speaking skills in the interview
Good self-image and confidence during the interview
Past experience on the job
Past Leadership Experience
Good Cocurricular Activities (CCA) record
4. If you were an employer, what would you look for when employing a person? (Choose two most important things you would look out for) *(run-on from Q4) Out of the two you chose, which would be put as MOST important to you? (check again at the *asterisked* bottom group)
Academic results
CCA achievement
Performance in the interview
Work experience
Leadership experience
*Academic results
*CCA achievement
*Performance in the interview
*Work experience
*Leadership experience
5. Do you think academic qualifications are important? If Yes, why?
They demonstrate one’s ability
They are essential when applying for a job (eg. Employers pay great attention to them)
They provide a sense of achievement/self-worth
It is prerequisite for various scholarships
6. Do you think our society has overemphasized academic achievements when measuring one’s performance?
7. Which of the following people do you think can be considered as intelligent person? (choose two at most)
A person who have scored very well in exams
A person with outstanding musical or artistic talent
An excellent athlete
A successful businessman
A philosopher
A socialite
This poll was created on 2004-06-19 10:08:38 by oklahoma87