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Ulitmate Music poll

What kind of music do you like? Are you a music discriminator? Is the music played what you really like??
When it comes to music, what is your gut reaction?
I like everything
I like most things, but some are not good
I like some stuff
I like a certain type, but not much
I only like one type of music, so you better play it
I hate music, it sucks
Now that that is covered, now, what types of music do you listen to? check as many as you like
hard rock
soft rock
classic rock
today's pop
computer generated music
video game music
something else
What sort of radio station, from this list appeals to you most?
A pop music station with the "hot" artists of today, such as the American idol winners, Britney, Jus
An oldies station that plays rock and pop type hits from the 50's-70's
A country station that plays new country, such as Toby Kieth, Buddy Jewel, and Sara Evans
A hard rock station that plays nirvana, creed, Jet, and Korn, etc.
A classic rock station with the eagles, chigago, and boston, etc.
An oldies country station with older country
A station that played 80's and 90's hits
An R&B station that had black eyed peas, Outkast, etc.
A rap station
Would this appeal to you? A radio station that played a large variety of music hits, from every type of music and every age. I.e. a radio station that played the hits from all years and all music.
yes, I would listen to that
no, I don't think I would listen to that
I don't know
Here are the top 25 hits from today. How may of these songs have you heard of?
Burn, Usher
I Don't Wanna Know, Mario Winans
Yeah!, Usher
Naughty Girl, Beyonce
This Love, Maroon5
Overnight Celebrity, Twista
All Falls Down, Kanye West
The Reason, Hoobastank
If I Ain't Got You, Alicia Keys
My Band, D12
Tipsy, J-Kwon
Freek-A-Leek, Petey Pablo
Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Jay-Z
Confessions Part II, Usher
My Immortal, Evanescence
Game Over (Flip), Lil' Flip
I'm Still In Love With You, Sean Paul
Roses, OutKast
The Way You Move, OutKast
Take My Breath Away, Jessica Simpson
Mayberry, Rascal Flatts
Redneck Woman, Gretchen Wilson
One Call Away, Chingy
The First Cut Is The Deepest, Sheryl Crow
Happy People, R. Kelly
So, do you think that these top 25 fit in your life?
Yep, that's what I listen too, mostly
I listen to some of them, but mostly not
I've heard a couple, but not really
Yeah, maybe 1 or 2, but no
Nope, I don't listen to any of these songs
If it fair to say that music is ruled by money?
no, it's not
yep, I think it is
yep, I know it is (I am a musician)
no, I know it's not (I am a musician)
I don't know/never thought about it
So, do you believe that music should be based on the song, not the type, meaning that good songs can come from every type of music, not just one type.
Yes, I like all music
yes, but there are a few that just have no good songs
no, I only like certain types
Fianlly, now that we have been talking about music so much, let's see what you say now.
Country is good
Counrty is bad
hard rock
hard rock is good
hard rock is bad
soft rock
soft rock is good
soft rock is bad
classic rock
classic rock is good
classic rock is bad
rap is good
rap is bad
R&B is good
R&B is bad
oldies are good
oldies are bad
techno is good
techno is bad
computer generated music
computer generated music is good
computer generated music is bad
video game music
video game music is good
video game music is bad
so, do you like all types of music?
This poll was created on 2004-05-15 03:39:44 by newwavegrl