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Term Limits

What is your opinion on the issue of term limits in federal government?
What should be the presidential term-limits?
A maximum of two four-year terms. (current)
A maximum of one four-year term.
A maximum of three four-year terms.
Unlimited four-year terms.
Change terms to two years.
Change terms to three years.
Change terms to five years.
Change terms to six years.
Change to more than six years.
Elected for life.
What should be the senatorial term-limits.
Unlimited six-year terms (current)
One six-year term.
Two six-year terms.
Three six-year terms.
Four six-year terms.
Five six-year terms.
Change to two-year terms.
Change to three-year terms.
Change to four-year terms.
Change to five-year terms.
Change to seven-year terms.
Change to eight-year terms.
Change to more than eight-year terms.
Elected for life.
What should term limits be in the House of Representatives?
Unlimited two-year terms.
One two-year terms.
Two two-year terms.
Three 2yr terms.
Four 2yr terms.
Five 2yr terms.
Between 5 and 10 terms.
More than 10 terms.
Change terms to 3yrs.
Change to 4yrs.
Change to 5yrs.
Change to 6yrs.
More than 6yrs.
Elected for life.
What should be the term limits of the Supreme Court?
One term for life. (current)
One term for 20yrs.
One: 16yrs.
One: 12yrs.
One: 10yrs.
One: 8yrs.
One: 6yrs.
One: 4yrs.
One: 3yrs.
One: 2yrs.
Unlimited Multiple terms appointed.
Limited Multi-terms appointed.
Unlimited Multi-terms elected.
Limited Multi-terms elected.
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