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~Avril Lavigne VS Britney Spears~

tell me does better at the topic listed! i know who is better but i want to know what others think!! thanks!
Rate how GOOD LOOKING and HOT Avril Lavigne is?
2-ok i guess
3-shes HOT but others are so much HOTTER
4-Very SEXY
5-sooo HOTT,nobody can beat that
Rate how HOTT and SEXY Britney Spears is?
2-shes ok
3-she HOT but others are HOTTER
4-very SEXY
5-sooo HOTT nobody can beat that!
Who is better LOOKING?
Britney Spears,cmon look at her
Avril Lavigne,shes so unique, thats hot
Who has the better VOICE?
britney spears,i love it,its perfect 4 pop music
Avril Lavigne,its so ROCK
Who is the better dancer?
britney,duh shes like the best!
avril,i like the jumping thing she does
Who has the better CONCERTS and PERFORMANCES at award shows?
Britney,shes the queen of performance!
Avril,ROCK on!!
Who has the better taste in CLOTHING and STYLE?
Britney,she knows what SEXY is
Avril, doesnt show her boobs(she dont have any)
Who has the better PERSONALITY?
Britney,shes sweet and down to earth & CUTE
Avril,she tells it staright up
Who has better SONGS and CDS?
britney,i cant get her songs out of my head!!
avril,her cd rocks(even tho its all the same)haha
Whos has the better choice in MEN and DATING?
Britney(justin,colin farrell,fred durst)
Avril(bandmate,fred durst)
Whats your favorite BRITNEY SONG out of these?
CRAZY (1st album)
STRONGER (2nd album)
TOXIC (4th album)
whats your favorite AVRIL song out of these?
sk8er boi
loosing grip
Who is a better ROLE MODEL or INSPIRATION?
Britney,even though she never asked to be one
Avril she curses disses people,what a great per.
Who has better BOOBS?
britney,PERFECT size & shes proud of it!
avril,PERFECT, she should be proud of her body!
Who has a cuter SMILE?
britney,ahh HOLLYWOOD
Is SHANIA TWAIN better than britney and avril put together?
YEAH,i love shania
NO wayyy! britney and avril super cool!
i dont know
Who is the QUEEN of POP ROCK and R&B?
Britney,afterall she is the #1 female artist ever
Avril,soo much better than britney
Who makes the better MUSIC VIDEOS?
Britney,she makes them come to life!
Avril,plain is the best!
Who would look better in a swimsuit?
Britney all the way!
avril,shes got a great body show it!
Who has a better looking BUTT?
britney,get on the floor & shake that ASS!
Avril,Drop it like its HOT(ew i cant picture that
Who has a prettier FACE?
Who has a tighter sexier STOMACH?
Britney,her bellybutton is FAMOUS shes famous
Whos FUTURE is going to be better and longer in FAME?
Britney,shes the next madonna!
Avril,shes got what it takes!
Who do you like better OVERALL?
i hate them both
Who is better to their FANS?
Britney shes a slave 4 them & she doesnt dis them
Avril,even tho she dissed us i still love her!
Whos more of a WOMAN and acts like an adult?
britney,shes 22
they both need to grow up
Whos hair is better?
Britney,shes not afraid of change
Avril,i like that it looks the same all the time
Whats your favorite website to look up britney news?
WOB (world of britney 24/7)
britney zone.com
britney tribute.com
i dont know i would never look her up
What do you think of the KISS with madonna?
OMG soo hott! that was cool
it was great, its just a performance not REAL
Eww im gonna puke!
it would have been hotter if avril kissed madge
Britney is very smart she knows what shes doing
This poll was created on 2004-04-09 17:00:33 by Farrell_girl77@hotmail.com