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Should the Poor Pay Taxes?

The United States is a huge machine that is funded by the taxes paid by the citizens. The government represents those who reside within US borders who pay taxes and also those who do not pay. How do you feel about that?
What group pays more total dollars to support the Federal government?
The Poor
Lower Middle Class
Middle Class
Upper Middle Class
The Wealthy
The Super Rich
Do you believe that the wealth of the country should be redistributed so that all have equal income?
Yes - Need should determine income
Yes - Everyone should earn the same per hour whether they need it or not
No - Effort and Hard Work should determine income
No - The job's difficulty and requirements should determine the worker's income.
Who should earn more?
A person with a high-school diploma, 4 kids, married at 18, works a 40 hr week
An unmarried man who graduated high-school and is a star player for a National League team.
A married man with 2 kids, has a PhD, works 40 - 60 hrs a week in managemet.
An unemployed mother who has 5 kids and is receiving no child support.
Should how many years one spends in school affect their income if working in the same job?
No - A HS drop-out should earn as much as someone with a master's degree
Yes - The person who earned a master's degree should earn more because he invested more.
Should how many years you went to school be considered when you are up for promotion?
No - A high school drop-out should be considered equally as is the guy who earned a master's degree
Yes - The person who earned a master's degree shows he'll invest more effort
Do you believe that socialism should replace democracy in the US?
Yes - equality in lifestyle and earnings for all is important.
Yes - there are many needy people who should have the same comforts as others
No - the person who works harder, longer and better should be compensated accordingly.
No - Supply and demand should determine compensation.
An unmarried mother of 3, a high-school graduate - earns 24,000 a year. She qualifies for unearned income credit and receives more in a tax refund than she actually paid bringing her annual income to about 32,000. An unmarried male -college grad- living in the apartment next door earns 44,000 and pays taxes of 9,000. He nets about 35,000. Is this fair?
No, why should the woman be rewarded for making stupid choices in her life.
No, the woman should get even more 'refund' because she has more people to support.
Yes, that is what equality is all about.
Yes, the guy doesn't really need all of that money.
Would a tax on spending make more sense than a tax on earnings?
Yes, then a person buying a Lexus would always pay more tax than a person who could not afford a car
Yes, I am thrifty & don't waste money. People who waste money would pay more.
No, what I spend is my own business and it doesn't matter where I get the money.
No, my spending far exceeds my earnings and I can't get out of debt as it is.
No, it is more fair to tax earnings than spendings.
No, make holding a government office a volunteer position and lower all taxes.
Should credit card companies that offer easy credit to people that cannot afford to pay back what they charge be penalized.
Yes, they should be banned from operating for enticing people into debt.
Yes, they should be fined for each bankruptcy caused by giving 'easy credit'
No, they are selling their product and - let the buyer beware.
No, a sucker is born every minute. They have a right to take advantage of them.
No, I need easy credit cause all my other cards are already full.
Have you read "Atlas Shrugged"?
Yes - That is the way things should be!
Yes - Captitalism all the way!
Yes - Ayn Rand was a real nut case.
No - Is there a movie out?
No - I don't read.
No - that book should be banned.
Should the income tax be replaced with a flat tax with no deductions - based on earnings? (For example - 20% of 100,000 income would be 20,000 tax; 20% of 15,000 income would be 3,000 tax.
Yes, makes sense to me.
Yes, those who make more - pay more.
No, I can't afford 3,000 a year if I only make 15,000.
No, no one should make 100,000 - if they do, tax them 50% so they only keep half.
No, leave things the way they are.
No, I think that if you make under $30,000, you should not pay tax at all.
What defines "Poor"?
Under 10,000 annual income
Under 15,000 annual income
Under 20,000 annual income
What defines "Middle Class"?
40,000 - 50,000 annual income
50,000 - 75,000 annual income
75,000 - 100,000 annual income
Over 100,000 annual income
What defines "Wealthy"?
Over 100,000 annual income
Over 250,000 annual income
Over 500,000 annual income
Over 1,000,000 annual income
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