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Aley's poll tell me what you think

Please tell me what you would do in these situations!
If your best friend lied to you,and called you stupid and retarded behind your back,but now they are being really nice would you still wanna be their friend?
I wouldn't be their best friend
I would be mean to them
I would ignore them
I would try to be their best friend
If one of your friends is really christian like they hate it when people swear and say mean things,but they are really nice and they get you,but your other friend is the popular one and she is also really nice and funny,..who would you choose?
The Christian one who gets you
The popular one who is nice
neither ,find someone new
Be friends with both
If there is this girl that is really annoying that hangs out with your friends all the time and they like her what do you do?
Like her and get to know her,hang out with her
Tell your friends that you don't like her
Show her who's the boss
get new friends
If your best best best friend ,you know that she is talking about you behind your back..what do you do?
Talk to her straight up and ask her why?
Try to pretend like it didn't happen
Don't be her friend
This poll was created on 2004-03-26 02:10:51 by Nicole4ever23