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[Usenet] News Servers

What do people look for in a news server and how much are they paying for it? There are 9 questions in the poll, and it takes an average of 2 minutes to complete the poll. I am using this poll for a class project, so I appreciate honest answers. Thank you for your participation.
Do you pay for newsgroup access?
No, I get all I need free (skip to end and click "Done Voting")
What factor was most important in your decision to contract a news server?
My ISP does not offer access to newsgroups.
My ISP has a news server but it is too congested/slow.
My ISP has a news server but does not carry the groups I want.
My ISP carries the groups I want but censors the messages.
My ISP has poor retention times.
I want (more) anonymity than I would have with my ISP.
How much do you pay for access?
Less than $10 per month
$10-15 per month
$15-20 per month
$20-25 per month
$25-30 per month
More than $30 per month
What type of internet connection do you have?
T1 or better
What download/upload speeds do you normally achieve through your news server?
Less than 5KB/s (kilobytes per second).
5-10 KB/s
10-15 KB/s
15-20 KB/s
More than 20 KB/s
Not sure, but I can download a rather large (500MB) attachment in under a minute
Not sure, but it takes MORE THAN a minute to download a rather large attachment
What is the normal retention time you find in newsgroups with binary attachments?
My server carries complete threads from more than two months ago.
I am confident I can find almost all messages 1-2 months old.
I can still find all messages up to a month old.
Anthing older than a week is usually gone.
Messages last just a few days so I have to stay on top of things or I lose out.
How many days per week do you normally connect to your news server?
Every day.
Almost every day.
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you'll find me there.
Just a couple of times per week, but not limited to the weekends.
Sometimes I go an entire week without connecting.
When you DO connect to the news server, for how long are you normally connected?
A few minutes.
About an hour.
1-2 hours.
2-4 hours.
4-6 hours.
6-8 hours.
More than 8 hours.
How much do you normally download when you connect to your news server?
Less than 100 MB (megabytes)
100-300 MB
300-500 MB
500-700 MB
700-1000 MB
This poll was created on 2004-03-07 18:04:04 by SDLostboy