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female arm hair

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do you believe (that while erasing all hair from female legs. armpits. etc)that "the world" has gone too far in branding female arm hair as disgusting, unwanted, embarrassing etc-is this just a media hype to help sell products and make more money?

Is hair on girl's arms disgusting?

15% (41) yes
25% (68) no
34% (92) only if it is very thick and course
21% (58) I think it adds to beauty and sex appeal
7% (21) I don't care
10% (29) it is not a bad thing

268 voters have answered this question.

do you think hair removal companies are promoting the removal of a woman's arm hair just to make money

55% (145) yes
12% (33) no
8% (22) I don't care
19% (51) never thought about it
8% (22) maybe

261 voters have answered this question.

would you ask your girlfriend or spouse to remove her arm hair?

16% (42) yes
60% (153) no
13% (34) probably not
10% (26) I don't know
3% (10) I don't care

255 voters have answered this question.

girls only-do you find hair on a woman's arm or your arm repulsive?

44% (68) no
39% (61) yes
12% (19) don't care
7% (12) never thought about it

154 voters have answered this question.

guys only-do you find female arm hair repulsive?

35% (63) no
23% (43) yes
12% (22) I don't know
5% (9) never thought about it
28% (51) I think it is beautiful

180 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2004-03-04 02:09:45 by keeth99
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