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Yet, Another DBZ Poll Part6!!!!

Hi, DBZ fans and welcome to my 6th poll! Enjoy your voting!
Whitch of the following songs do you think would make a better DragonBall, DragonBallZ, DragonBallGT music Video?
NickelBack - How You Remind Me
Boston - Peace Of Mind
LFO - Every Other Time
MegaDeth - Sweating Bullets
Whitch of these fan fusion battles would you like to see the most?
The All Kai vs. Metal Cell
Braditz vs. Pandock
Napgeta vs. Broten
Chowtein vs. Yamcolo
Radten vs. Napdock
Krilku vs. Truhan
Krilhan vs. King Koola Freeza
Brapan vs. Videl #18
Whitch fusion battle with a charactor fused on both sides do you like more?
Bropan vs. Babipan
Radten vs. Radunks
Gotien vs. Goccolo
Krilhan vs. Krilgeta
Whitch fan fusion and normal char. battle would you like to see more?
Vegeta vs. Truccolo
Goten vs. Raddock
Krillin vs. Yamtien
Goku vs. Krilhan
What do you think would make krillin more stronger out of any of these ways?
He was an android
He was a saiyen
He had fused with somebody
He wished for double goku's power
This poll was created on 2001-12-13 16:28:06 by PokeMercury