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Is marijuana dangerous?

This poll is for you to answer some questions about marijuana, and give you a chance to share your opinions about this subject!
Do you think marijuana is dangerous?
yes, I think it is extremely dangerous
Depends on what the circumstances are
Im not really sure
No I dont
If you use marijuana or have, would you do it again?
no,definatly not!
probably noy
oh yeah i would!
Do you think marijuana should be labeled as a drug or an herb?
I think it is just another drug
Im not sure
I think it is a herb and not a drug
Do you think marijuana is hazardous to your health?
yes i think it is as dangerous as they come
I think it may pose a threat to your health
not sure
no i think it it completely healthy
Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
NO, I think it should stay illegal like it is
I think it is a full on illegal substance
yes it should be legalized
Do you think it is fair that alcohol is legal and marijuana is not?
yes i think it is fair
im not really sure
no it is totally unfair
This poll was created on 2004-03-04 19:40:41 by seth gobrecht