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Favorite Moments in Season Two

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Which ones do you want to see in the Top Ten?
Judgement -- Lorne's first appearance.
Judgement -- Dennis tries to help Wesley.
Judgement -- Cordy and Wes meet Gunn.
Judgement -- Angel sings for the first time.
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been -- The beautiful cinematography of AYNOHYEB.
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been -- Cordy spices up Angel's O-Pos.
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been -- Angel meets an old friend for one last time.
First Impressions -- Cordy and Gunn bicker while looking for Angel's car.
First Impressions -- Cordy and Gunn bond, only to be interrupted by Desmond.
Dear Boy -- Cordy learns a life lesson, and Angel sniffs out Wes.
Dear Boy -- Angel gets a wee bit too close to Cordelia.
Dear Boy -- Angel and Darla have an altercation.
Guise Will Be Guise -- Wes and Cordy stop Angel and Gunn's mission.
Guise Will Be Guise -- Angel gets some "advice".
Darla -- Cordy quietly reminds Angel that he's not alone in life.
Darla -- Darla desperately tries to get Angel to turn her into a vamp, he refuses.
The Shroud of Rahmon -- Angel taunts Kate.
The Trial -- Angel loses Darla to W&H.
Reunion -- Angel tries to stake Darla, fights Dru and Darla, and watches Darla escape.
Reunion -- Angel releases Darla and Dru on a group of lawyers.
Reunion -- Angel fires his gang.
Redefinition -- Lilah tries to frame Lindsey.
Redefinition -- Cordy, Wes, and Gunn fight, then sing.
Redefinition -- Angel sets Darla and Dru on fire.
The Thin Dead Line -- Wes takes a bullet for Gunn.
Reprise -- Angel and Cordy have a confrontation.
Reprise -- Angel crashes Wolfram and Hart's bash.
Reprise -- Holland gives Angel a rude awakening.
Reprise -- Angel breaks down.
Epiphany -- Angel saves Kate.
Epiphany -- Lorne sets Angel straight.
Epiphany -- Angel loses his friend.
Epiphany -- Angel and Lindsey fight, Angel grants mercy.
Epiphany -- Kate's final appearance, and a lesson in intervention.
Disharmony -- Harmony gets on Wes' last nerve.
Disharmony -- Cordy gets the upper hand on Harmony.
Disharmony -- Cordy gets clothes, and Angel gets his friend back.
Dead End -- Angel and Cordelia share a moment.
Dead End -- Lindsey sings, Cordy becomes entranced, and Angel gets annoyed.
Dead End -- Lindsey freaks out.
Belonging -- Angel gets a look at the magic of acting.
Belonging -- The men of AI reflect.
Over the Rainbow -- Angel freaks out.
Over the Rainbow -- Angel gets some sun.
Over the Rainbow -- The Fang Gang get a glimpse of the Princess of Pylea.
Through the Looking Glass -- Cordy fakes out the Fang Gang.
Through the Looking Glass -- Angel reveals his true self to Gunn and Wes.
There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb -- Cordy gets the scare of her life.
There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb -- Lorne gives the men of AI the scares of their lives.
There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb -- Cordy's love is not for Angel.
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