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Reasons You Might Take Off Your Clothes in Public ?

Most people wouldn't normally get fully or part naked in public What kind of reasons or circumstances might make you take off your clothes in public?
Are you male or female or something else entirely?
Something else entirely
Do you have a phobia about being naked in public?
Yes, I'd rather die
No it's not a phobia, just basic modesty
No, I have no problem being naked in public
Have you ever been naked in public?
Yes, I'm a streaker
No, only in my nightmares
Would you ever participate in a Wet T-Shirt contest or any other similar event?
Sure if it was fun
Maybe to win some money
No, it's not what Jesus would do
Would you streak or flash to pay off a lost bet?
No, I'd never make such a bet in the first place
No, I'd welsh on the bet
Yes, a bet is a bet even if it's embarassing
Yes, I play to lose
Would you lose some of your clothes if you were depansted or debikinied?
Yes, there would be no choice
No, I'd fight to the death to prevent it
Would you take off any or some of your clothes for money in public?
No, no amount of money
Yes, $100
Yes, $250
Yes, $1000
Yes, $2500
Yes, $10,000
Only for a Million Dollars
This poll was created on 2004-02-19 23:49:08 by Chobbes