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celebrity catfight spankfest

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celebrity rivals fight out it with the winner spanking the loser

Pop Tart Catfight: Christina Aguilera (girl with the golden voice) vs. Kelly Clarkson (winner of american idol). Both petite singers but which one has a nastier streak in them to spank the other ?

51% (281) christina spanks kelly
48% (262) kelly spanks christina

543 voters have answered this question.

Cowgirl Singers Catfight: Jewel (alaskan cowgirl folk singer) vs. Kelly Clarkson (texas cowgirl from american idol). Which big butt cowgirl singer will get whacked?

47% (254) jewel spanks kelly
52% (284) kelly spanks jewel

538 voters have answered this question.

Baywatch Catfight: Yasmine Bleeth (brunette bombshell) vs. Gina Lee Nolin (blonde vixen). Which beauty will get to take the others infamous Baywatch red swimsuit off and get the whacking ?

42% (224) yasmine spanks gina lee
57% (306) gina lee spanks yasmine

530 voters have answered this question.

90210 3-way Catfight: Jennie Garth (goodgirl) vs. Tiffani Thiessen (badgirl) vs. Tori Spelling (nieve girl) Which two girls will join together to take the third girl out ?

26% (85) jennie and tiffani double team tori and spank her
29% (96) jennie and tori double team tiffani and spank her
43% (141) tiffani and tori double team jennier and spank her

322 voters have answered this question.

Latina Pop Stars Catight: Jennifer Lopez (jlo) vs. Christina Aguilera (xtina). Jlo has the bigger booty and is slightly taller and more curvier then xtina but does she have a fighters mentality of xtina as displayed in her dirrty music video giving her masked opponent a beatdown. You decide who is the tougher latina singer.

27% (151) jlo spanks xtinas pale little white booty
72% (391) xtina spanks jlos infamous big latino booty

542 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2004-02-16 12:01:14 by axander
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