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Male servants (for females)

Would you like to have male servants?
Do you dream of being served by males?
Jes, very often.
Should he be naked or clothed?
Clothed, of couse!
What kind of services does he has to do?
Everything I want him to.
Mainly houseworks.
What would you do, if he failed?
I would punish him direktly after his fail.
I wouls teach him do do it better the next time.
If you would punish him, what wouldt you prefer?
Some kind of corporal punishment.
Financial punishment.
What kind of corporal punishment do you think is okay for a male servant?
Face slapping.
Spanking clothed buck.
Nude spanking.
Ball busting.
Do you think it would be only his punishment, or even your amusement, too?
I would enjoy it!
Only a punishment.
If your servant makes a mistake while you have female guests, would you like to see him being punished by them?
No, I'd do it when they're gone.
Of course, I'd like it!
Would you accept every punishment your guests prefer?
Yes, incl. face-slapping.
Yes, incl. every spanking.
Yes, incl. ball busting.
Yes, incl. whipping.
No, we have'd to talk about that before.
If you were a guest at a party and a male servant failed, would you like the opinion the punish him yourself?
Yes! Males have to serve women right!
No, he's not my servant.
What do you think about males at all?
They're born to serve females.
They should be punished for ervery little mistake.
Male punishment is the best way to entertain me.
This poll was created on 2004-02-09 00:12:32 by Abi