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Does your God exist?

Look around you. Think about the events in your life, and in those around you. Open your mind to reality, but most of all, be honest with yourself.
Have you always believed in God?
If you do believe in a God, from where did your belief stem?
I dont believe in a God.
My parents.
Church/religious education.
I formed my theistic views independent of all other religous teachings.
Is your God all loving?
I'm atheist/agnostic.
Yes, my God loves me, everyone, and everthing.
No, mine is a wrathful, spiteful God.
Do you also believe that there is Evil in this world? -Not meaning a belief in Satan necessarily, but merely powers that contrast that which is 'good'.
No, I believe in total neutrality and do not label anything as 'good' or 'evil'.
Yes, Evil is has an obvious presence in this world, in forms such as death, suffering, and hatred.
Is your God all powerful? Does he have powers over all and control over everything that can be concieved, even that which cannot be concieved?
I am atheist/agnostic.
Yes, my God is the supreme being of all time, above all else in this universe.
No, my God is weak, and has limited power. There are other forces superior to his, and he is nothin
Did your God create this universe, including everything within it?
I am Atheist/agnostic.
Yes, my God is the source of everything in this universe.
No, my God is weak, he was a spark of the creation, but others finished where he started.
If your God created the universe, AND he is all powerful, then he created all evil that exists also.
I'm athiest/agnostic.
Yes, he created all in the universe, including evil to contrast that which is good.
I don't believe in good or evil.
Why would an all loving and all powerful God create Evil?
I'm atheist/agnostic.
My God is not all powerful.
My God is not all loving.
I don't know.
This poll was created on 2004-02-08 00:53:26 by omega_demon