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Wrestling female celebrities

If you had the chance to wrestle these famous actresses or singers, how do you think the match would turnout.
Your match against Angelina Jolie
You being a superior male control the competition
You struggle, but come out on top
We wrestle into a draw
You put up a match, but in the end, she's gathered the points
She uses great scissor holds and completely controles her male foe
Your match against Jennifer Lopez
You are able to use your weight and hold her to the ground
After escaping from a dangerous grapevine, you manage to barely get by
You battle to the finish in a tie
She finally gets you with a headscissors and gets the point to win
She completely controles the match using deadly holds and finally releases you with a red head and a
Your match against Britney Spears
You control the match by using upper body strength to keep her legs away
You win but by a close one, she comes this close to getting your head between her thighs
She starts out strong but has to settle for a tie after you threaten to tear off her implants, hehe
After a long match, she finally pins you while singing "Stronger"
She get you in a headscissors within a minute and doesn't let you out even after u start crying "I'm
Your match against Tara Reid
You quickly dominate her by using your weight to your advantage
After a long struggle, you finally pull her hair and get her on her back
You fight until neither of you can go any more
After a while, you get tired and she finally is able to get you submit
She uses her fit sexy legs to control the match and gets you with many holds until you can't breath
Your match against Jennifer Aniston
You conrol the match
You become her "friend" during the match and finally get on top
You wrestlke to a tie
She finally gets you in a headlock and flips you on your back
She controls ther match using a combination of holds and scissors and dominates you quickly
Yor match against Jennifer Garner
You win
its close but you come in first
after a while, she uses her swift movement to finish you off
from the start you can't even touch her, meanwhile she uses many scissorholds to defeat you
This poll was created on 2004-01-19 23:31:39 by Joe-Thornton