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Girls beat men

How would female celebrities beat up men,
What happens in a fight between Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias?
Anna knocks him out in a one sided fight.
Anna beats him into a crying bloody mass.
Anna humiliates him and makes him submit.
What is Anna wearing during the fight?
skintight top, hot pants, high-heel platform boots
blouse, skirt, high-heel shoes
training clothes, sneakers
bikini, barefoot
Enrique is begging for mercy. What happens?
Anna makes him lick her feet
Anna continues beating him
How does Anna finish him off?
with a series of punches in his face
with a knee-kick at his chin
with a sleeperhold
Who is stronger?
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
What happens in a streetfight between Angelina and Brad?
Angelina beats him up brutally.
Brad tries to defend himself but Angelina overpowers him.
Brad manages to run away.
Brad is on his knees, begging for mercy. What is Angelina doing?
She grabs his hair and starts punching his face.
She grabs his ears and hits his jaw with her knee.
She manhandles him with kicks to his head and body.
Brad is whining at Angelina's feet. What does she do?
She makes him kiss and lick her feet.
She steps on his face and presses his head to the ground.
She beats him until he is unconscious.
Who is physically stronger?
Britney Spears
Tom Hanks
Britney attacks Tom Hanks. Can he defend himself?
No chance for him. Britney destroys him in a one sided fight.
Hanks tries to compete but he is no match for Britney. She knocks him out cold.
Hanks goes to his knees whining. Britney shows no mercy and beats him hard.
Which style does Britney use to beat Hanks?
She destroys him with fist punches and kicks.
She uses different holds and chokes to demonstrate her physical strenght advantage.
She tosses him around and slams him to the ground in different ways.
She slaps him brutally until he passes out.
What happens in a streetfight brawl between Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis?
Jessica beats him easily and makes him crawl at her feet.
Jessica kicks him around and makes him cry for mercy.
Jessica punishes him very brutally with punches in his face.
Jessica grabs his throat and forces him to his knees. What does she do next?
She punches his face several times.
She kicks him with her knee.
She forces him between her thighs and squeezes his neck.
Bruce Willis is beaten, he lies at Jessica's feet. He whimpers and starts kissing her boots. After a few minutes what happens?
Jessica kicks his face.
Jessica stomps him until he is out.
By stepping on his backhead Jessica pins him down and grinds his face into the ground.
Avril Lavigne takes on you in a wrestling match (WWE style). Do you see a chance for yourself?
She is a better fighter than I will ever be. She wins.
I think I can win. But she shows me that I am wrong.
How does she beat you?
She pins me.
She makes me submit.
She beats me until I can not stand any more.
You are on your knees, Avril grabs your hair. What does she do?
She starts slapping my face.
She punches me in the face brutally.
She kicks my face with her knee.
Avril dominates you. What do you do?
I try to escape.
I go to my knees and beg her not to beat me any more.
I lick her boots and cry for mercy.
Avril has beaten you. After the match what does she do?
She steps on my head and rises her fist in victory.
She puts me into a submission hold to humiliate me even more.
She throws me out of the ring.
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