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Guys And Their Best Friends (MALE ONLY)

How Straight Male Best Friends Act Around Each Other.
Are You Gay Or Straight?
Gay (Please Leave Now, This Poll Is About Straight Friendships)
How Long Have You Known Your Best Friend?
1-5 years
6-10 years
11 Or More Years
Please Answer Honestly To The Following Questions : How Do You Feel About Your Best Friend?
I Love Him (But Would Never Tell Him That)
I Like Him, We Have A Lot Of Fun Together
He's Ok (Probably Could Do Better)
Do You Think Your Best Friend Is Goodlooking?
Yeah, I Guess, I've Never Really Paid Attention
Yeah, He's A Hottie!
Yeah, He Looks Ok
No, He Looks Kinda Weird
No, I'm Straight, Wouldn't Know What A Goodlooking Guy Would Look like
No, He's UGLY
Situation #1 : You And Your Best Friend Are Hanging Out Together At Yours Or His House Together Alone. What Do The Two Of You Do? (Check All That Apply)
Play Video Games
Watch T.V
Talk About Girls
Watch Movies
Play On The Computer
Go Outside And Play Football, Basketball ect.
Talk About The Problems In Your Life
Situation # 2: It's Summertime And You And Your Best Friend Are Playing Some One On One Basketball. Your Best Friend Gets Hot, So He Takes His Shirt Off. Do You Find Yourself Checking Him Out?
Yes, Can't Help But Notice
Yes, But Discreetly, So He Won't Notice
No Way! That's Too Gay
No, That's Just Sick
If You Answered "Yes" To The Previous Question. What Would Be The Reason You Are Checking Him Out? (Select All That Apply)
Comparing His Chest, Arms, And Abs To Mine
I'm Straight, But I can Admire Another Guy's Body
It Sorta Turns Me On
I really Don't Know Why I Look
On A Television Show Recently, Two Straight Guys Kissed Each Other On A Dare. Would You Kiss Your Best Friend On A Dare? (Check All That Apply)
Yes, I Have No Hangups
Yes, I've Done It Before
NO WAY! It's My Best Friend, And A Guy. That's Just Wrong.
NO!, That's Just Sick
Maybe, But It Would Have To Be When We Are Alone
Yes, But I would Probably Need Several Drinks Beforehand
If You Answered "Yes" To The Previous Question. How Do You Think You Might Feel Afterwards? (Check All That Apply)
I Might Feel Weird
I Might Feel Confused
I might Want To Do It Again
I Wouldn't Feel Any Different
I Would Feel Dirty, And Probably Go Brush My Teeth Afterwards
I Would Probably Like It, And Want To Do It Again
I Know I Would Like, And Definately Would Want To Do It Again
Have You Ever Seen Your Best Friend Nude?
If You Answered "Yes" To The Previous Question, How Did You Feel Or Think During The Time He Was Nude In Front Of You? (Check All That Apply)
I Didn't Feel Or Think Anything.
I just Compared Myself To Him, Nothing More
I Got Really Turned On
I Wanted To Touch
I Turned My Head And Felt Nothing
I Never Look, That's Just Sooooo Wrong
Look At My Best Friend Nude? That's Just Sick
Do You Think This Poll Was Designed To Find Out If You Are Really Gay?
If You Answered "Yes" To The Previous Question, You're Wrong. These Situations Have Happened To Me Recently, And Was Curious As To How Many Experienced The Same.
Ahhhhh, Ok, I understand now
Okie Dokie
Cool, No Problem
Have You And Your Best Friend Ever Done Anything More "Intimate" Together While Hanging Out Alone?
NO, Not In A Million Years
Yes, But Only Once, And Never Again
Yes, Every Chance We Get, No Hangups Here
No, That's Just Absolutely GROSS
We've Played Spank The Monkey Together, But Nothing More
Never, Only Women For Me Thank You
Yes, We've Done Some Serious Stuff
No, But I Would Really Like To
Final Question: How Honest Have You Been On This Poll?
50% or Less
This poll was created on 2004-01-02 10:49:06 by Chance426