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<font color="maroon">The Judgemental Jurist</font>

"All rise before the dishonorable..."

You are the foreman of a jury in a court case where a man is being charged for a minor infraction of the law. Though the violation is a misdemeanor, if found guilty, his sentence will be harsh as it will be carried out as the criminal's "third strike".

You are certain this man is innocent of the misdemeanor he is currently being charged. However, you also have credible information how this same man was exonerated of a rape charge earlier in the year, due to a "technicality" in the court system during the proceedings of that case. You are credibly enlightened to the fact that the man did indeed commit the brutal and deadly act of rape on a teenage girl - a charge to which the courts were forced to drop against him because of a "loop hole" in the court system. The man's gifted attorneys (of course) made productive use of that technicality, resulting in the freedom for their malevolent client.

Additionally, you seem to be the sole harborer of all these invaluable facts. As well, it appears you have been the only juror who has managed to stay awake throughout this case. You are certain you have the apparent ability to control the outcome of this trial, as the rest of the jury is very impressionable and only anxious to deliver any verdict that will complete their civic duties and get them home soon enough tonight to share dinner with their families.

Consider what you would do in this position: Remember, swaying the jury to declare this scumbag "guilty" (for the crime he truly did not commit), would ensure that he will be unjustly sentenced to a lengthy imprisonment. Yet...the same invalid "guilty" verdict - if you willfully influenced it - would deliver final justice to a crime which the system had failed to handle responsibly.

Added to the Mix: While you mull over your moralities, you observe that the parents of the rape victim are present in this courtroom. Though they are not linked in anyway to the charge for which he is currently being tried, the distraught couple are visibly with some horrible hope that a guilty verdict is granted this man today. They are tearfully anxious to witness this repulsion of society carried away in handcuffs to serve his just punishment, however related...however belated.
How you will conduct yourself in your position as foreman of this jury?
I will ensure this man is found guilty, to right the prior wrong made by others
I will let this case stand on its own and aptly influence a verdict of innocent
I will promptly purchase a gun and return with justice at my fingertips
I don't how I would conduct myself in this situation
I am certain I have another answer (other):
Would it ever be reasonable to willfully deceive the court system for assurance of a certain verdict?
I don't know
I have no opinion
I am sure I have a different opinion (other):
This poll was created on 2004-01-05 23:56:26 by DocORock