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The Poison Apple?

This poll is to see if the religious aspect of gentic engineering is important to people. What is your opinion?
Are you aware there is Genetic Engineering in American Food?
What's Gentic Engineering?
On May 27, 1998, a coalition of rabbis, Christian Clergy, biologists and consumers sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for failing to require safety testing and labling of genetically engineered foods. The lawsuit charged that the FDA's policy endangers public health, and violates the religious freedom of individuals who wish to avoid foods that have been engineered with genes from animals and microorganisms. Did you personally hear anything about this lawsuit? (...either that it happened or the outcome)
Yes, I knew about this lawsuit.
No, I didn't know this took place.
Many of our most familiar foods are now made from strange new ingredients: genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. You can't see them. You can't taste them. And they're not listed on food lables in America. The Food and Drug Aministration says gentically modified corn and soybeans are as safe and nutritious as traditional corn and soybeans, but 350 million Europeans and 125 million Japanese refuse to eat them. They are worried about possible latent health effects or environmental problems from these new biotech crops. Since at least 475 million people disagree with genetic engineering, shouldn't America at least give its citizens the chance to say "This goes against my religion", or "This isn't the food that I INTENDED to eat..." (the only current way to avoid GMOs right now is to buy food labled 100% organic...)
Yes, I agree. Foods contianing GMO should be labled.
No, I think experimental food might be okay to eat.
No opinion
Every day, millions of Americans consume breakfast cereals, fruit drinks, chips, and a host of other common snack foods containing a new kind of patented corn that makes its own pesticide. The pesticide in the corn comes from the genes of the soil bacterium 'Bacillus thuringienis', or Bt for short. The corn plant's roots, stalk, leaves, pollen, cob, and kernals all produce doses of a genetically engineered toxin. To get corn to produce this pesticide, scientists shoot virus and bacteria genes into corn embryos, hit or miss, until the foreign genes "take" in one embryo, which grows into a modified corn plant. In some ways this seems to be quite similar to abortion, (as some embryos are destroyed in the process), yet many people I speak with are not even aware this is in their food. Any products that contain corn syrup in this country most likely contain GM corn. From a religious standpoint, shouldn't the FDA warn the American people this has been done to their food?
Yes, it is only fair that people know how their food came to be.
No, I trust scientists who are paid to do these things.
No opinion
Part of the reason genetically engineered food came to be is because farmers wanted higher yeilds of their crops with less man power and/or attention given to their crops. Genetic Biologists also have something to gain, because they patent the "seeds" for these engineered plants, and have even engineered some so that they cannot reproduce. They then must be re-purchased year after year. Fast food restraunts' demand for large amounts of potatoes, corn, tomatoes and soy, have meant great profits for both farmer, scientist, and corporation. Since greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and changing nature to suit your own needs is questionabe at best, are these actions justified by the farmer/scientist/corporation?
Yes, it's okay to put profit before citizen's safety or religious beliefs.
No, I think the citizens should be able to have a say in what they eat.
No opinion
Another concern with genetically engineered food is that the pollen from GMO will carry to organic, non engineered plantlife including our oceans and forests. Many scientists worry about the effects this could have on our future. Most GMO plants have only been tested under lab conditions, rendering most of the plants unpredictable in nature. Concerns arise about GMO situations where 'terminator genes', plants engineered to die after only one season, may cross-pollenate with plants in nature, causing them to die after one season as well. This could wipe out entire forests in one year. Does this worry you?
Yes, maybe we should be careful where we plant GMO.
No, I don't want to believe something like that could happen.
No opinion
Most American products contain either corn syrup or soy lecithin. These are most likely both derived from GMO sources, because of the sheer quantity needed to supply the companies. They are used as "fillers", meaning they help companies stretch products further so that they need less of more expensive ingredients, making their products more profitable. Hence, cheaper foods use more of these fillers, while more expensive foods do not. Could this be seen as another way the rich hurt the poor?
Yes, it seems it could be seen that way.
No, I don't think it could be seen that way.
No opinion
One of the most hidden concerns about GMO, is that our animals in this country, who depend on us for food, are subject to whatever we buy them. Our livestock and household pets are both fed mainly genetically modified substances, because organic feed is expensive. Is it fair to our animals, who cannot complain, that they must eat this food, even if they don't agree with it?
No, definately not!
Yes, because fido/fluffy/edible livestock cannot tell the difference.
No opinion
My personal choice is that genetic engineering goes against nature, and that man is not smart enough to figure out how to close Pandora's Box now that it's open. Now that you have taken my poll, do you agree?
Maybe, after I read more on genetic engineering, I might agree...
No opinion
What's Pandora's Box?
This poll was created on 2003-12-21 01:53:54 by I love life