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Same-sex cuddling

Have you ever cuddled with a same-sex friend? Would you?
Your sex:
Your age:
Under 10
Over 21
Have you ever cuddled with a same-sex friend?
What's cuddling?
If yes, how did it start?
The other person fell asleep and their head ended up on my shoulder or lap
I fell asleep and my head ended up on their shooulder or lap
We were sleeping in the same bed and I woke up to find their arms around me or they were spooning me
We were sleeping in the same bed and I woke up with my arms around them or I was spooning them.
We were sleeping in a tent or bed together and it got cold, so we did it to stay warm.
We were on the couch watching TV and I put my arm around their shoulder or head on their shoulder or
We were on the couch watching TV and they put their arm around my shoulder.
We were lying down talking and they put their arm(s) around me.
We were lying down talking and I put my arm(s) around them.
Other (please comment)
Never cuddled
Were both of you comfortable with cuddling?
Yes, both of us were and we kept it up.
I was, the other person wasn't and they pushed me away.
They were, I wasn't and I pushed them away.
We were both uncomfortable with it and stopped immediately
Other (please comment)
Never cuddled
Did the cuddling lead to any intimate activities?
No- just cuddled.
Yes- we ended up experimenting sexually.
Never cuddled.
If you never cuddled with a same-sex friend, would you?
No. Not comfortable with it.
No. It's too gay.
Yes. I'd be willing to do it if the situation was right.
Yes. Only if they initiated.
I'm not sure.
Other (please comment).
Check the box next to the situation in which you would cuddle with a same-sex friend:
Sleeping together.
Sleeping together and we're both cold.
Watching TV together.
Just sitting together and talking.
Lying down in bed together and talking.
Won't do it.
If you were with two same-sex friends and they started to cuddle in front of you, what would be your reaction?
I'd give them a strange look.
I'd ask to join in.
I'd ask them if they were gay.
I'd leave.
I'd get jealous.
I'd ask them why they are cuddling.
I would feel very uncomfortable.
Doesn't matter to me! Let them do it.
I have no idea what I'd do or say.
What is your opinion of same-sex cuddling between friends?
It's gay.
It's a great way of showing you really care about someone.
It's a way to lead into sex.
It's just two people showing that they are friends.
I'm not a touchy-feely person and am uncomfortable with other people touching me.
It's not right. Only friends of opposite sex should cuddle.
No opinion.
I'll comment.
This poll was created on 2003-12-19 18:58:57 by nakedguy