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Death Penalty

I'm doing a survey for class. I'm trying to figure out if there is a relation between one's religion and there view on the death penalty. I would like to know what is your religion and gender and if you support the death Penalty?
What is your religion/gender? Do you support the death penalty?
Christian, Male, Yes
Christian, Male, No
Christian, Male, Don't Know
Christian, Female, Yes
Christian, Female, No
Christian, Female, Don't Know
Atheist, Male, Yes
Atheist, Male, No
Atheist, Male, Don't Know
Atheist, Female, Yes
Atheist, Female, No
Atheist, Female, Don't Know
Muslim, Male, Yes
Muslim, Male, No
Muslim, Male, Don't Know
Muslim, Female, Yes
Muslim, Female, No
Muslim, Female, Don't Know
Jewish, Male, Yes
Jewish, Male, No
Jewish, Male, Don't Know
Jewish, Female, Yes
Jewish, Female, No
Jewish, Female, Don't Know
Hindu, Male, Yes
Hindu, Male, No
Hindu, Male, Don't Know
Hindu, Female, Yes
Hindu, Female, No
Hindu, Female, Don't Know
Other, Male, Yes
Other, Male, No
Other, Male, Don't Know
Other, Female, Yes
Other, Female, No
Other, Female, Don't Know
No Specific Religion, Male, Yes
No Specific Religion, Male, No
No Specific Religion, Male, Don't Know
No Specific Religion, Female, Yes
No Specific Religion, Female, No
No Specific Religion, Female, Don't Know
This poll was created on 2003-12-15 22:58:29 by Vkks44