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Harry Potter Hates

His filthy mouth is always lying, He’s always ‘round someone dying, Hermione is always sighing, Potter’s poison she should be buying. Ron is Harry’s ‘faithful’ friend, We think he’s planning Potter’s end, From a machine Potter’s expulsion will vend, All the rules he ‘cleverly?’ bends. Why do you hate Harry Potter? (I totally agree with u that it's crud, but why?)
Why do u read the books?
So I can gloat at how rubbish it is
Because they're great, duh
Because my friends do
I dont
I want to see what it's like
i've nothing better to do
to fill some space in my empty, meaningless life
What books?
Why do u watch the film
So i can say how bad it is
So i can say how unloyal to the book it is
Both the above
Becuase they're great
Because my friends watch them
To see them
I dont
i've nothing better to do
so i can feel lonely and deprived while doing something
Are u looking forward to the next book/film?
Yes, it'll be great!
No, it'll be rubbish
Couldn't care less
Yes, so i can tell everyone how crud it is
Not really
What new book/film
Do u like the books?
No, they're rubbish
Yes! They're fantastic!
Not really
They're okay
I despise them
They're too far-fetched
They beat sulking in my own self-pity
What books!!!
What don't u like about/annoys you about them? (Tick all that apply)
It's stupid
Too comershilized
the characters
The storyline
Harry is so ignorent and full of himself!
They're all the same
They're such idiots
Rowling suspects we enjoy reading them
The immiture/idiotic humour
they all have better lives than me
What would u say to Rowling if u met her? (Tick all that apply)
You're my idol!
I'm your number 1 fan!
I detest you!
U suck!
Potter is Potty!
Nothing abusive, i dont want a fine
Use your imagination!
Will u adopt me?
Can i have ur autograph?
What's the point, no one listens to me.
Nothing, i dont know who she is
Do you find all the merchandize really annoying? (Tick all that apply)
No way, i love it
Not really, it doesn't affect me
YES, i'd kill them if i had some place to go
Yes, it stinks
It's a rip off
Not much, everything is about making money nowadays
What are you on about?
Are you going to devote your life to despising Harry Potter?
No, what a waste
No, but it's not as if i have a life anyway
Yes, it's not as if i have a life anyway
Who's he?
No you freak
Never thought about it
I wouldn't make a good job of it
What is there to despise, it's fantastic!
who is ur favourite character?
harry - dont worry, the men from broadmore will arrive soon.
ron - ur pills are in the post
hermionie - i'm not going to say anything *chough* *freak* *cough*
malfoy - getting better...
snape - u freak
meh - hate them all
This poll was created on 2003-12-20 17:44:22 by Que